1st Annual Benching Team Party

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Frigid CPU temperatures, dewars full of LN2 and world-class hardware enthusiasts all in one place is the setting for the very first Overclockers.com Benching Team Party. This is the first officially organized Overlockers.com event, and hopefully there will be more in the near future. The best part is, the three day benching extravaganza can be seen live via several streaming video feeds.

It has been a long journey in setting up the event, and still we are in the final stages. But, we are ready to open up our doors and share the details with the community.


The OCF Benching Team is congregating for a large-scale benching session. Benching is the extreme end of Overclocking. It’s taking your hardware to the next level by using extreme cooling to create extreme scores, using extreme hardware, at extreme speeds. The event will consist of more than twelve benchers that will be featured on Livestream. Each Bencher will have their time for everyone from the OCF community to watch him/her use LN2 on their hardware – many will be doing so for the first time, while experienced team members lend a hand and show us the ropes! It’s a great opportunity for those in attendance or at home who are interested in extreme cooling to watch how it’s done or make the trip and try it out for themselves!

We currently have 540L of Liquid Nitrogen, 20 CPUs, 25 GPUs, and 15 Motherboards all lined up for this event. These numbers are still growing each day! There will not be a single piece of high-end hardware that will not be put under the extreme temperatures of liquid nitrogen, torched, and thrown around. If you don’t hear the hardware actually screaming over the livestream, then most likely the benchers are asleep.

The event will be completely Livestreamed for viewers at home. We are hosting three channels with live video feeds and instant chat so anyone can tune in to watch, ask questions, or just hang out with those in attendance. As of now, we plan on having one camera focused on the main floor. This will be an overall shot of the active benchers, and the video and chat will be displayed on the wall so attendees can easily interact with those at home also. The other two channels will be dedicated to two benching stations showcasing various benchers in attendance. When we get closer to the event, we will have a loose schedule that will outline when some of the benchers will be getting face time on one of the livestream channels. Anyone will be able to talk in these channels using the chat feature of Livestream, and it will be a fun experience that we look forward to sharing with everyone.

Dolk's Dry Ice Benching Setup

Dolk's Dry Ice Benching Setup


The event will be taking place November 19-21. That’s right, three full days of benching. Each day will be packed with the Benching Team taking their hardware to the next level, learning from each other, and having an all around great time. Mark your calendars!

With this still a month away, the event is under the final preparations now. More information will be released as the event approaches.


The first party will be taking place in Texas and folks are already reserving flights and hotel rooms from across the United States. We cannot disclose the exact location as the event is for benching team attendance only, due to space limitations at the venue. For this first event we will not be allowing spectators to come by and watch, however live streams and updates will be made from the event. We hope to open up future events to the public.

Sound like fun and wish you could attend? The benching team is always looking for more members, and any team member is welcome to sign up for attendance. This is not a private or invite only group! Check out this forum thread for details: How to join the Benching Team.


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  1. xoke
    My teks are available to every one, I won't be on them non stop. Same for all my equipment. :D

    I might end up borrowing one for my 01 expedition... but if I do I'll drag someone more experienced over to keep and eye on it. 'Cause it's not gonna be my graphics card and I ain't using nuttin but air unless it's mine.
    If i'm not benching I'm fully available to be pour-bitch: amd, ati, nvidia, intel, doesn't matter to me. I'm gonna be havin a good time regardless!
    I'll poor for you if you let me borrow one of the tek's for a few hours :). J/K I'll help out regardless. We all can't bench at the same time.
    You don't need to do much with this except fill the pot to the max and let it stay there.

    You will most likely be needed in helping with the temperature control of the 980x's :D

    Someone needs to make sure the blow torch is working.

    yea, I'm gonna grab a cheapie on wednesday...
    Don't worry, I'm on AMD filling duty so we'll make use of every drop. :)

    Sunday is gonna be fun though.

    You don't need to do much with this except fill the pot to the max and let it stay there.

    You will most likely be needed in helping with the temperature control of the 980x's :D

    Someone needs to make sure the blow torch is working.
    720L of LN2 ordered this morning, will be shipping from Dallas to Tyler TX on Monday. Delivered to the party venue on Thursday. :thup:

    Looking forward to having a blast and meeting you all!