AMD Announces Never Settle Game Bundle & Driver

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This holiday season, AMD is offering an enticing game bundle for prospective hardware purchasers. They’re also releasing their newest driver, which they say is the best Catalyst yet.

Never Settle Game Bundle

Coinciding with the holidays this year is the release of three big titles – Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Hitman Absolution and Farcry 3. It’s these three titles plus the relatively new title, Sleeping Dogs, that AMD is bringing with their Never Settle bundle.

Holiday Gaming Evolved

Holiday Gaming Evolved

The biggest bundle offered is with 7900 series GPUs (the HD 7970 and HD 7950, plus their GHz editions). While Medal of Honor Warfighter isn’t a huge discount at 20% off, AMD says this is an exclusive deal and the only Medal of Honor: Warfighter deal anywhere. The biggest deal is that you get Sleeping Dogs, Farcry 3, and Hitman Absolution all free.

Ultimate Never Settle Bundle

Ultimate Never Settle Bundle

Once you move down the AMD GPU spectrum, the offers remain but become a little slimmer. If you buy a single 7800 series or 7770 GHz Edition, you get the MoH deal plus free Farcry 3. If you buy two of each of those, Hitman Absolution is added to the deal.

Never Settle Bundle

Never Settle Bundle

As a monetary value (assuming full retail price for the games), this is actually a pretty sweet deal.

Game Bundle Value

Game Bundle Value

As far as distribution, these deals will be available on all applicable AMD graphics cards from all participating etailers. Yes, the vast majority of the GPUs to get this deal will be online purchases. Most cards are bought this way anyway, especially in our readership, so that’s fine by us. The method of distribution will be coupons placed in your GPU’s shipping box by your etailer. It should apply to all AMD GPUs in the program, regardless of manufacturer. You’ll get your GPUs, then you use the coupons and apply them at whichever software distributes that particular title (i.e. Steam & Origin).

Never Settle Driver – Catalyst 12.11

Free games aren’t the only thing starting today. AMD’s newest Catalyst 12.11 driver is released today as well. They estimate up to 15% performance gains in many titles.

Never Settle Driver

Never Settle Driver

The biggest performance increases actually come from Battlefield 3. On some maps in some locations, they say they have seen up to 40% FPS increase, 15% was just the average.

Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor: Warfighter Gains

Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor: Warfighter Gains

BF3 isn’t the only title to reap the benefits of the new driver either. One important thing to note that was rather off-putting on this graph, is resolution. Note that AMD chose to present whatever the highest gain was, resolution independent. Note if you run a different resolution, the performance increase will not be the same and will likely be less. I understand why they might want to put their best foot forward, but that’s a bit extreme in my humble opinion.

Performance Gains - Mind the Resolution!

Performance Gains – Mind the Resolution!

They’ve supplied a couple slides of value vs. the competition as well. For those of you skeptical as I am about such broad claims, here is the footnote showing how AMD came up with all of the numbers.

Value vs. the Competition

Value vs. the Competition

Value vs. the Competition

Value vs. the Competition

Value vs. the Competition

Value vs. the Competition

There you have it folks, good news for AMD GPU fans all around. AMD hopes the news will bring some new AMD fans at the same time. It’s a great game bundle if you’re interested in a new AMD GPU for the holidays. The driver improvements will make future and current AMD GPU owners happy.

– Jeremy Vaughan (hokiealumnus)

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  1. 12.11 beta4 have been released. maybe they`ll fix the stuck idle clock. I`ll return with feedback :D

    le:nope, still the same. Maybe they fixed the skyrim shadows not appearing at all
    TPU has done a bang up job on their large game lineup with these drivers...worth a look see:
    Does that deal apply all over the world? We are usually forgotten living all the way near the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

    Is it true that you look like Spungebob down there?
    I'm considering replacing my SLi with a 7950. No watercooling on the GPU for now. What do you guys think?

    I see no point for most games or you just wish to save some on electricity bill. If you are not playing above 1920x1080 then it won't make any difference. Most games are still running at max details on even single GTX470 and for some other 2 of these cards are more than enough.

    Better wait till next generation.
    Wow, you'll be amazed at the difference coming from that system! If you get an SSD with the money you save on the GPU, you'll be even more blown away. :thup:

    You're on my same wave length man! My newegg parts showed up today.....which were 2 X 1TB WD cav blacks and a new Samsung 830 SSD 128GB! Was planning on installing windows on the SSD for quick boot times and pretty much everything else on my 2 WD drives.

    I got my eyes on the 3GB Sapphire 7970 Ghz ED as soon as it comes back in stock. Hopefully....1 - 2 weeks.....and I'll finally be able to play some newer games. Basically.....I have to catch up on everything since Doom 3 , HL2 and Farcry 1......yeah....I'm that far out of the loop!
    Tigerdirect is charging $45 extra on cards that will include the game bundle. Well, the only one I've seen so far on their website was the xfx 7970

    The card normally:

    With the bundle:

    I contacted them via the livechat and the person I spoke with had no idea what I was talking about after spending 30 minutes "looking into it." I contacted them by phone and was told by the phone rep that to receive the free games I'd have to buy their bundle that is $45 more. So if anyone was considering that XFX 7970 from them, think about this. Very discouraging. :o
    Got +1400 points in Graphics score in 3D11 with 12.11

    BF3 doesn`t go below 55 fps now (my cpu sucks).

    One thing i don`t like is that my idle memory clock doesn`t drop. Stays the same as in full load.

    ps: 7970 dcu2top
    Hmm, AMD now catched up to comparable Nvidia stuff even on 3DMARK11. Nvidias strength seems to be fading away on almost any spot.

    Servers and workstations don't think so.
    Hmm, AMD now catched up to comparable Nvidia stuff even on 3DMARK11. Nvidias strength seems to be fading away on almost any spot.
    I meant overall for that benchmark only... regardless, looking forward to your testing.

    Links are in the post.

    Everything but the Physix score is up, only a new CPU can fix that.

    Anyway, a little teaser. this at 1200 / 1500


    P7778 3DMarks

    Graphics Score


    Physics Score


    Combined Score

    Cool! But what about the overall score?

    I will add a full list of benches including a couple of games later, or tomorrow probably, including BF3 which is supposed to be up by ~15%
    OMG :eek:

    3DMark 11, Gigabyte 7870 @ Stock: Driver 12.8

    Graphics Score


    Gigabyte 7870 @ Stock: Driver 12.11

    Graphics Score


    Thats + 1049 points. :ty::bday::popcorn:

    Overclocking next...

    12.11 beta 3 are out. Grab them while they`re hot :D

    Installing right now. Will come back with feedback