AMD Unveils 5.0 GHz FX Processor

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First ever commercially available 5.0 Ghz CPU


The rumors have been going around the web for some time now, but today AMD officially unveiled two new FX-series processors with clocks up to 5.0 Ghz out of the box. The new parts are based on the ubiquitous Piledriver x86 cores powering the latest generation of FX processors “Vishera” as well as FM2 socket A-Series APUs, and will be referred to as FX 9000-series CPUs. So far, two SKUs are planned to be released; the top dog being FX-9590 with eight cores running at a 5 GHz Max Turbo clock, followed by FX-9370 with a 4.7 GHz Max Turbo. AMD does not state at this time what the base clocks will be. The two new processors will come with unlocked multiplier for easy overclocking, as with all FX-Series models.

AMD Press Release

The parts will first be made available to system integrators and there is no word on when, or if, they will reach the retail market. Furthermore, and although AMD did not detail the power aspect of these new parts, rumors are they will come with a TDP of more than 200 W.

Editor’s note: We haven’t been able to confirm with AMD, but the current word around the rumor mill is that these may not even make it to channel and will be limited to boutique PC builders only. -hokie


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  1. Not sure it is a high leakage chip really. How's the vcore compare to the average FX chip that can clock that high? That's probably the easiest way to tell.

    If it's higher than the average, odds are it's a low leakage chip. If it's lower, odds are it's a high leakage.
    somewhere between 4.6-4.9 big watercooling is needed for these cpus.

    only the noobs will bite on the 9xxx cpus and if they read around a little they will just get an 8350.

    any of our 8350's that we see in here will do the same and some even better.

    hells bells we have been benching at 5.3 and 5.4 on all 8 cores.
    I expected this chip to show up in HWBot... It is a high-leakage chip and I'm guessing it would do good under LN2, as TWKR did. No new OC records yet? :shrug:
    Pretty much exactly what we expected about the 9590 processors vs what happens when we have overclocked an FX-8350. Some pretty good ideas about the heat and current draw evidenced.

    AMD FX-9590 Review; Piledriver at 5GHz
    Some of the AIO's are decent coolers tho. Not nearly a true WC but will help with these chips. My chip isn't the best for heat it takes lots of volts for just about any setting. That being said the TT cooler I'm using could hold it a 63c when pumping 1.58v into the CPU under P95.

    Just out of curiosity I checked HWbot and it doesn't look like anyone took the bait on the 9590 or it's little brother. I wanted to see if people had really pushed any of them yet. I figure my chip will probably cock higher when I get the heat under control!
    The 9000-series still need some serious cooling, at 220W TDP it's one hell of a hot chip. :eek:

    all the 9000 series chips are rebranded 8350s they just picked the better ones relidded them as 9590s and changed the stock clocks. my 8350 uses the same voltages as the 9590s at 5.0. and yes this would require some good cooling the h100i is not to be considered a very serious cooler
    I meant any FX in general, but the FX8xxx series really since that is what Gealli mentioned. I think he has one hell of a CPU to be doing that on a H100i... then again AMD is not my thing so... I could be wrong.
    There are not many that make it to 5Ghz without a custom water cooling loop, no?

    The 9000-series still need some serious cooling, at 220W TDP it's one hell of a hot chip. :eek:
    save your money buy an 8350 with a decent board and a good cooler and you can overclock the 8350 to 5.0 without any drawbacks on not getting the 9590
    Bump for a potentially HUGE price drop...
    That's because the 140w mark was as high as AMD got, so there wasn't any way or reason to claim higher.

    Any motherboard that can oc an FX with a voltage bump can do more than 140w.
    Yes i know, just think of the VRM Section needed ED!! AJ. :shrug: :facepalm:

    Just looking at my list of top AMD Motherboards most are TDP 140 TOPS!! So are we going to see a New AMD Motherboard that supports 240 Watts TDP? :shrug:
    Was the 960T not a full release model? Shoot, now I really hate myself for not buying one when Amazon had them priced the same as my 965's for a couple weeks back when.

    Yes and no. Initially, the 960T was quietly introduced and shipped only with OEM systems. Much later, AMD eventually made boxed release, I'd imagine, to get rid of the remaining stock and it was only then that found their way to amazon/newegg. Check out AMD Zosma core on cpu world for more info.

    Perhaps they will do the same with this processor? Only time will tell.
    Well just a quick up date maybe on the subject to hand i hope it helps out!! AJ. :shrug: :attn:


    As dated June 13th @ 5.50 EST.
    c_d, that's a good summary for these new releases. Intel wasn't worried when AMD released the first 8 core desktop chip, and they aren't worried now. The Ghz race was over long ago.

    Nice... 4.7 base, 5.0 turbo.

    You'll probably find these tricking down to ebay or other sites, like the 970T or 960T.

    Was the 960T not a full release model? Shoot, now I really hate myself for not buying one when Amazon had them priced the same as my 965's for a couple weeks back when.