AMD’s Bulldozer – New Info from AMD with Hot Chips to Follow

There are a lot of people eagerly awaiting any information on AMD’s new architecture, codenamed “Bulldozer”. Today, AMD has answered five of their “Bulldozer” 20 Questions where they asked users to submit their questions and chose their favorites to answer.

Of particular importance to desktop users, “Bulldozer” will not be the same architecture as “Bobcat” which will be used in AMD’s  “Ontario” Fusion processors. Apparently it is not a “scaled down “Bulldozer”” but an architecture all its own where “there are similarities and some small sub-components that are shared, but you won’t see the modular design of ‘Bulldozer’ in ‘Bobcat’.”

“Bobcat” isn’t necessarily where enthusiasts will be looking to hang their hat as AMD’s low-TDP model though. “Bulldozer” will probably be where it’s at for Overclockers.

There will also be TurboCORE in “Bulldozer” with “some enhancements to give it more ‘turbo’.”

They will answer the rest of the 20 questions in subsequent blog posts, five at a time. Stay tuned to the “Bulldozer” Blog for future installments.

We’re also keeping an ear to the ground for more info that should filter out this evening. AMD is going to discuss both “Bulldozer” and “Bobcat” at 5:00 during the final session on day two of the Hot Chips conference at Stanford University.

-Jeremy Vaughan (hokiealumnus)

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mxthunder's Avatar
I liked the programming question. Too bad they are mostly talking about all that boring server/power saving crap
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Thanks for the update ...!
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Bulldozer questions part 3.

Bulldozer questions part 4 (the last of the 20 questions).

Sorry, I was a big slacker and didn't post the third in a timely manner. Part 4 was just released Monday.
Peeved Kitten's Avatar
All of that and I see no talk of whether or not it will be a new chipset entirely AM3+ vs. AM3/AM2
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