ASRock Extends Warranty on Top Motherboard to 5 Years

ASRock announced that its flagship Z87 OC Formula motherboards will ship with an industry leading five years warranty. The new mainboard is built around the new Z87 chipset from Intel and is meant to support Haswell processors for socket 1150. Aimed at enthusiasts and overclockers, the board features hardware and software features to allow easy overclocking and stability, dual-stack MOSFETs, enhanced cooling and ASRock’s new waterproof conformal coating.

Tough as a Rock

ASRock Z87 OC Formula Motherboard - Image Courtesy ASRock

ASRock Z87 OC Formula Motherboard (Courtesy ASRock)

The company says the warranty will be honoredĀ under normal use conditions and granted the product has not been subjected to operation under “abnormal” conditions. Complete details of the warranty can be foundĀ here.

Read the full report at Xbit Labs

While the 5-year warranty is a compelling sale argument, enthusiasts know they will most likely switch to a newer platform within just a few years. For example, 5 years ago, you may have been running 45nm Penryn Core 2 Duo or Yorkfield Core 2 Quad.

- dostov

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BigHeadClan's Avatar
Aww I thought they where adding it to the previous generation of motherboards as well, still it's nice to see a company stand behind it's product.

I think my Z77 OC Formula will last 10 years warranty or not anyhow
dejo's Avatar
I have 2 z77 asrock boards that have been through the ringer and are alive and well to this day. so I bought the z87 ex6 as well. after the fiasco that is asus customer service I have stayed away from asus products and am very pleased with asrock as a result
Rotary's Avatar
asrock is the best i feel, and they looks the best to
magellan's Avatar
I'm still running my old Asrock Dual VSTA 775 motherboard. My main rig is running an Asrock x79 Extreme 4. Isn't Asrock some sort of subsidiary of Asus?
EarthDog's Avatar
Years ago, yep.
Knufire's Avatar
ASRock is owned by Pegatron, which is a spinoff from ASUS.
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