Gigabyte Unveils P67/H67 Sandy Bridge Motherboards

The Intel P67/H67 (Sandy Bridge) chipset will be released in the coming months and Gigabyte is ready with a very complete line up of motherboards featuring this new chipset. Release dates and pricing information are still NDA, but here is some brief information and specs of the boards that make up the new Gigabyte line. Read More

End of the Line for DFI LanParty

DFI Logo

Rumors suggest the once famous brand of motherboards LanParty is effectively withdrawing from the consumer market. Having failed to release new products since late 2009 and refusing any comments to the press, the brand is thought to go the same way as Abit, who went out of business less than two years ago. Read More

AMD SB850 Southbridge in Limited Supply

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Industry sources reports that AMD is unable to meet the demand for its new SB850 southbridge. Some motherboards branded as 8-series products may feature last generation SB710 parts instead of the new SB850. Read More

Intel to Replace LGA1366 Socket in 2011

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Intel is set to replace its current high-end socket, LGA1366, when it releases its new 8-cores processors in the second half of 2011. The new socket and accompanying chipset bring several new features for better performance. Read More

Socket 1156 (i5/i7) Burning Issues

There has been a lot of discussion lately across many sites regarding Socket 1156 burning up and charring to the socket and pin area. The rare problems we have seen are on the Foxconn made socket and tend to only occur when using extreme voltages, clock speeds, and extreme cooling. Recently there has been one publicly posted occurrence of the Lotes socket showing the same failure, under the same extreme circumstances. While this is an obvious issue for extreme benchers, a valid question was raised regarding moderate overclocks on air or water, and whether this problem could happen to them. Read More