ATI Radeon HD5870 Eyefinity6 Review Roundup

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ATI completes its lineup of DirectX11-capable graphics cards by releasing the Radeon HD5870 Eyefinity6 Edition, a card capable of displaying on up to 6 monitors at a time. We rounded up a bunch of reviews for your reading pleasure! Read More

SETI News: Retakes 6th Place

The SETI Team takes back 6th Place! This week passed the Czech National Team, which held 4th Place for two years and 6th Place for the last three years. As a relatively small team this is a huge achievement! Read More

Upcoming ATI Cards to be Built on 40nm

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The next generation of AMD/ATI graphics cards, known as Northern Islands, is to be replaced by an hybrid generation dubbed Southern Islands that would be built on TSMC’s 40nm process. Sources suggest the graphics cards would be ready for a Q4 2010 launch. Read More

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