Windows Showdown: 8 Operating Systems in 6 Benchmarks

Since its debut, Windows Vista has taken nothing but flak from almost every demographic one could think of. Everyone from the casual user looking to browse the web and type up a few reports to the benchmark fanatic obsessed with squeezing all the speed he or she could is likely to complain about Vista being bloated and slow. Windows 7 on the other hand has been hailed as being noticeably better performing, and supposedly as light as XP. And what about XP? How do they really stack up to one another? The examination of these questions follows. Read More

SETI World Class Members

Every week on the Forums we recognize our Top 10 output leaders for the week and every other week list member milestones for total points. However, some of our members are, literally, World Class and deserve special recognition for their SETI@Home efforts. Each of these members is in the… Read More

Benching News: Icebob breaks into the top 10!

Congratulations to Icebob for making it into the benching team’s top 10! Icebob has been tearing up the rankings at hwbot lately, and is currently at #517 in the world (out of almost 21,000).  His dedication and passion for overclocking are made evident by his super impressive benchmarking accomplishments.  Here… Read More

Socket 1156 (i5/i7) Burning Issues

There has been a lot of discussion lately across many sites regarding Socket 1156 burning up and charring to the socket and pin area. The rare problems we have seen are on the Foxconn made socket and tend to only occur when using extreme voltages, clock speeds, and extreme cooling. Recently there has been one publicly posted occurrence of the Lotes socket showing the same failure, under the same extreme circumstances. While this is an obvious issue for extreme benchers, a valid question was raised regarding moderate overclocks on air or water, and whether this problem could happen to them. Read More

An Overclockers Thanksgiving

No better time than now to bring back this piece from JoeC in 2002:

“Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on those things for which we are thankful. I’m not going to go into a list of personal “thankfuls”, but I thought I’d share with you those things I’m thankful for which involve” Read More

Are ATI and NVIDIA Running in the Same Race?

Now that several outlets have released both the performance numbers for the ATI HD 5870 (see Anandtech, Tom’s Hardware and [H]ardOCP) and the official specifications for the Fermi, we can draw some conclusions regarding their expected performance. Read More

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