Are ATI and NVIDIA Running in the Same Race?

Now that several outlets have released both the performance numbers for the ATI HD 5870 (see Anandtech, Tom’s Hardware and [H]ardOCP) and the official specifications for the Fermi, we can draw some conclusions regarding their expected performance. Read More

Team 32 Folding@Home Mentor Program

Are you new to folding? Having issues getting the clients to run correctly?  Or maybe a long time folder getting confused with all of the new clients available?  Maybe you are trying to squeeze that last little bit of production out of your computer.  If any of these apply to you, the Team 32 Folding Mentor Program is here to help!

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Mac Hardware Refresh Coming Soon

It’s always a telltale sign that Cupertino is brewing a fresh batch of hardware when retailers are told that a particular model or line will no longer be available to order or restock.

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Intro to Folding@Home and Team 32

Folding@Home is the world’s largest distributed computing project. We work to discover the shape of critical proteins in our body as they arrange themselves, or “fold”, into their working shape. It’s quite amazing! Read More

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