AMD Launches the HD 7990 Dual GPU Card

Today AMD is announcing their “new” HD 7990 dual GPU graphics card. This isn’t very new though, as there have been two cards with dual HD 7970’s on them for a while now. Rumored for a long time, AMD is finally bringing the reference HD 7990 to the market. Read More

CES 2013 Wrap-Up: Quick Look at EVGA, ASUS, Rosewill & Sapphire

Today, I bring you just a taste of what EVGA, ASUS, Rosewill and Sapphire had to offer at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. Being in a time period where new CPUs and GPUs are a few months away, there wasn’t too much that was brand spanking new in the way of motherboards and GPU’s, but still plenty of eye candy for PC enthusiasts to marvel at. Read More

CES 2013: In Win Shows Off Innovative D-Frame & H-Frame Cases

Ever since seeing In Win’s unique X-Frame Benching Station, I’ve been really intrigued with their case designs. This year at CES, In Win did not disappoint, unveiling two incredible new products, the D-Frame and H-Frame limited edition cases. The manufacturer also had several power supplies on display. Read More

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