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CES 2012 - Las Vegas: Live Blog

The biggest trade show in the world of technology and hardware has already begun. Three staff members will be in Las Vegas at CES 2012 covering it live. Read More

Nvidia releases its latest GPU, meet the GTX 590!

Today Nvidia has released its much anticipated flagship card, the GTX 590. This video card consists of 2 GPU’s on one PCB and can drive a 3 monitor setup in 3D surround by itself. Nvidia touts this as the most powerful DX11 graphics card ever built. Read More

GTX 590 Design and Specs Leaked

Leaked GTX 590 Slide (Courtesy

Today, slides have been posted containing the specifications and design of NVIDIA’s newest dual-GPU graphics card, the GTX 590. These slides are rumored to be from a NVIDIA partner presentation. Read More

NVIDIA GTX 580 Launch Round-Up

The GTX580s are already listed for sale this morning at starting at $559.99.  The stock core runs at 772 MHz and shader clock at 1544 MHz, but for $20 more you can get a factory overclocked EVGA SuperClocked model running 797 MHz and 1594 MHz respectively. has the EVGA SuperClocked listed at $515 and the stock version at $499. Read More

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