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Lian Li PC-V750 Case Review

What’s in a case? Well, a computer, that’s what…but what’s existentially in a case? Form? Function? Airflow? All of the above? That’s usually what Lian Li tries to pull off with their creations. It’s hard to say no when they offer to let you look at their latest E-ATX case, so that’s what we’re bringing you today – a look at their new PC-V750. It’s a normal case, but with a twist; the power supply goes in the front. Will it work? Let’s find out. Read More

Cooler Master CMStorm Ceres Headset Review

UPC Side of Box

In school science class, you learn early on that sound travels through air (or similar medium that allows vibrations). Yet here I am, tasked with reviewing a headset that is as light as the air that the sound moves through. Is it possible to have good sound and for the headset to be tough enough to be used despite how wisp-light it is? Come inside to find out. Read More

NZXT Hale82 N Series 550 W Power Supply Review

Today we have a second NZXT HALE82 N series unit, this time it’s a 550 W. The 750 W flavor turned out to be solid, this unit looks to be on the same platform. This is a good sign. Will it pass with flying colors? Will it explode? You’re going to have to read the review to find out! Read More

Thermaltake Smart-M 1000 W Power Supply Review

That’s right folks it’s time for another Thermaltake power supply review! This time it is the top unit of Thermaltake’s Smart series at 1000 W of rated output and modular to boot! Sounds good in theory, let’s check out reality. Read More

NZXT Hue Review

NZXT Hue from behind

NZXT wants to make your case pretty now, with the Hue. The Hue can add any color to your computer, with many special effects. So let’s have a look at this accessory. Read More

OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD Review

We’re back today with OCZ’s latest and greatest SSD, the Vertex 4. Things have changed quite a bit since its release in April, with extensive firmware upgrades accounting for significant performance gains. Let’s see how things stack up – both against the competition and against the older firmware. Read More

Cooler Master Storm Stryker Case Review

The Cooler Master “Storm” product line has added a new member to the family recently, the full tower Stryker chassis. From all appearances this seems to be a design much like that of the previously released Storm Trooper, albeit with some new wrinkles added, most notably a left side window as well as the white and black color scheme. Read More

Mushkin Chronos 120GB SSD Review

Mushkin is well known for their high-performance RAM, especially in the DDR2 days. It is lesser known, that their products are still assembled in the United States and that they have American customer support. Today, we’re not looking at their RAM though, because they have stepped into the world of SSDs. Their Chronos SSD is based off of the widely used SandForce 2281 controller. Who wants to see how it trades punches with the top dogs? Read More

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