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Alienware M11x-R3 Review

When it was introduced in early 2010, the Alienware M11x was pitched to performance computing enthusiasts as the fastest gaming laptop for its size on the market. The product has been updated twice since, with the 3rd revision (hence R3) based on the Intel ‘Sandy Bridge’ mobile processors. Performance computing is what we’re all about at, so courtesy of Dell we have reviewed one of these units: is it really a portable yet competent gaming machine? Read More

LanCool PC-K9 Case Review

LanCool, a subsidiary of Lian Li, is fairly new to the industry, but they already offer 17 different cases! Moments after unpacking the case, I knew LanCool had created a solid contender. Read More

Lian Li PC-Z60 Case Review

Lian Li is known for making some of the highest quality cases available. Today, we present one of the newest additions to their family, the PC-Z60. Read More

OCZ Vertex 3 240GB SSD Review

OCZ has given us the opportunity to look at their new SSD, which they claim will “[Break] through performance, cost, and maintenance barriers…” Let’s see if they made good on that promise. Read More

NZXT Sentry LXE Fan Controller Review

The Sentry LXE is a touchscreen fan controller that’s very easy on the eyes, but is it all looks? I’ll be putting the Sentry LXE to the test with some high-power fans to see if this controller can perform outside of batting its eyelashes and rendering onlookers awestruck. Read More

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