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Lamptron FC-5 Fan Controller Review

Today I will be reviewing the Lamptron FC-5 fan controller. I had initially purchased the Scythe Kaze Server fan controller and ended up giving it a review first. Truth be told, I wanted to purchase this Lamptron unit over the Kaze because of the more powerful 30W per channel specifications and multi colored LCD alone. Sadly, it appeared to be sold out every where I looked at the time. Now however, I have one in my hands to review! Read More

Evo-G HS1 Gaming Headset Review

The Evo-G Headset

Relative newcomer to the gaming gear market Evo-G sets out to offer desirable gamer-centric styling in all of their product lines. The Evo-G HS1 headset is billed as a lightweight, comfortable, great stereo sound and a solid bass headset product. Read More

Scythe Kaze Server Fan Controller Review

Today we will be reviewing the Scythe Kaze Server Fan controller. I purchased this unit from because of it’s simple design, temperature monitoring ability and affordable price ($41.99). I previously owned the Scythe Kazemaster fan controller before my power supply burned out in a spectacular, smokey fashion and took out two fan channels and two temperature channels in it. Up until that point, it had given 2 years of solid performance with nary a temperature probe going south. Read More

SuperSpeed USB - Gigabyte "Turbo" vs. Asus "True USB3.0"

There have been two major forces bringing this new technology to market; Gigabyte and Asus. The fact that it is these two manufactures first with new technology should be no surprise to anyone, and they are the two largest motherboard manufactures in the world. What nobody saw coming was the variety of implementation that would be used. Read More

Corsair Obsidian 800D Case Review

We all know the popular brand name Corsair for making Memory, Power Supplies, cooling, and even some storage items. They have done more than admirable jobs in those areas as well. Now, Corsair has dipped its toes into the computer case market. Judging from the size and looks of this beast, it wasn’t a dip, but a head-first dive. Let’s take a more in-depth look at this case. Read More

ATH-AD700 vs MS1: Headphone Showdown

Not many people know about the extent of the headphone market. For someone who has never looked into it, the thought of paying hundreds, or sometimes thousands of dollars to listen to music through headphones seems somewhat stupid. There are, however, cheaper entries into the realm of ‘audiophile’ headphones. In this review, we will focus on two headphones that are in one of the sweet spots of price to performance; the Audio Technica AD700, and the Alessandro MS1. Read More

Dell Perc 5/i Throughput Benchmarks

This is a PCI Express based RAID card made by LSI for Dell. It is normally found in their PowerEdge servers. The RAID card will fit in any PCI Express video card slot that is physically and electrically 8x. There are two SFF-8484 connectors at the top to give a total of eight SATA or SAS hard drives. There is also a DDR2 slot that is used for the “Write Back Cache”. Read More

PS3 Hard Drive Performance Test: 5400.3, Scorpio Black, X25-M G2

Questions about hard drive upgrades regarding the PS3 have been asked many times. I have asked this question on multiple occasions and have never gotten a concrete answer. I have gotten some “out there” responses such as “All drives are automatically reduced to 5400RPMs” and “The PS3’s hardware is only compatible with 5400RPM drives.” I’ve also gotten some responses that have merit, like “The Blu-Ray drive will bottleneck the drive anyway” and “SATA1 will limit faster drives.” So, I decided to find out for myself how hard drives compare to each other when installed on the PS3 and if the BD-ROM and/or SATA1 limits load times. Read More