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HIS HD 7850 IceQ Turbo GPU Review (w/CrossfireX results)

Today we have an opportunity to look at another HIS video card…or two. This time they have given us a chance to review their newest version of the 7850, the HIS IceQ Turbo. This version sports the IceQ cooler and a sizeable factory overclock, among other things, to set it apart from other models. It’s time to see how well she performs in our testing. Read More

HIS HD 7950 IceQ X2 Boost Clock Graphics Card Review

HIS has added another member to its HD 7950 family of video cards; this time around we have another Boost Clock edition. The core clock is not quite as high as other HIS 7950s, but it’s not at the bottom of the pecking order either. One thing that is not at the lower end is the IceQ X2 cooler that has been applied to this card. So, let’s have a closer look and see if the HIS HD 7950 IceQ X2 Boost Clock is a worthy contender in the competitive HD 7950 market. Read More

HIS HD 7750 IceQ X Turbo Graphics Card Review

HIS has sent along their latest HD 7750 video card for us to put through the paces. What makes this one different, you might ask? Well, two things actually. For starters, HIS has taken the HD 7750 and used the more current reference design of 900 MHz core versus the original reference design’s 800 MHz core. HIS then decided to top it off by installing their higher end IceQ X cooler. Read More

EVGA GTX 650 Ti SSC 1GB Review

The GTX650 Ti is Nvidia’s latest offering in the Kepler lineup, we looked at MSI’s entry into this field on NDA drop day, now it’s EVGA’s turn. Who will come out on top? Read More

ASUS Matrix HD 7970 Platinum Edition Video Card Review

Did I say flagship when we reviewed the ASUS HD 7970 DirectCU II TOP? Apparently I should have said flagship…for now. The Matrix HD 7970 Platinum Edition is clocked even higher (1100 MHz!) and has even more features that make it the new flagship. The embargo on this beastly hardware lifts today and we’re right here to bring it to you! Read More

MSI GTX 650 Ti Power Edition Graphics Card Review

It’s another Kepler launch day for NVIDIA! The thrust behind this launch is to bridge the price/performance gap between the GTX 650 and GTX 660. This time around the GTX 650 Ti takes center stage. The MSI GTX 650 Ti Power edition will be our specimen as we dive in for a look at this new NVIDIA GPU architecture. Read More

Galaxy GTX 660 GC 2GB GPU Review

It’s been a few months since the AMD camp released its complete lineup from enthusiast down to budget cards with no reply from NVIDIA on the lower end of the spectrum. Starting today, that will change. NVIDIA has finally brought to the table answers to the 7870/7850 and 7770/7750 cards in the GTX 660 and GTX 650 family. As usual, board partners put their own spin on the reference cards in the way of souped up coolers, hardware, and factory overclocks. Galaxy has done the same with their GTX 660 GC 2GB GPU offering as well. Read More

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