CES 2012 – Las Vegas: Live Blog

The biggest trade show in the world of technology and hardware has already begun. Three Overclockers.com staff members will be in Las Vegas at CES 2012 covering it live. I.M.O.G., c627627 and mdcomp will have the latest technology news, updates and product announcements straight from the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show.

For updates on the events, stay tuned to this page for our comprehensive live blog coverage. Articles will also be posted periodically to the frontpage, as well as a myriad of updates via @overclockerscom on Twitter and our Facebook fan page.

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I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Thanks for getting this posted guys! Hunting lunch currently, and will get some updates soon. Today is Press Day and tomorrow marks the start of the main event, so we're getting situated with everything, and we'll have more updates soon.
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Eating and sleeping are for the weak. Updates NOW!

mdcomp's Avatar
I'm flattered, but just because I arrive tomorrow, does not mean it marks the official start of the event!
SpeeDj's Avatar
Go get em guys! Represent

I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Nvidia conference starts in an hour for anyone interested! The line is pretty long already here, but I've heard talk that the line for the Microsoft Keynote in 3 hours is already growing. Heading straight there after this, and I hope I get in!
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
All live updates are available in the front-page story, linked in the first post.

NVIDIA ended, Microsoft keynote from Ballmer up next, starting in 45 minutes. Checkout the article if you want to follow updates live.
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Ballmer keynote starting in 15 minutes, added a couple panorama's of the audience into the live feed - check it out, it is a full house!
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Starting any minute now
thobel's Avatar
Did Nvidia make any announcments about GPUs?
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Nope, no Kepler info... just tablets and Tegra3.
Theocnoob's Avatar
That's a bit concerning to me. I hope the first gen of Kepler doesn't 'meh' out of the gate like the 400 series did when everyone was expecting 500 series performance, and Nvidia just couldn't deliver it.
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
To me, that means it isn't ready yet.
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
As the story goes...

On the first day, Glorious Leader said "create dance!"

And Glorious leader saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.



PS. Because I know someone out of you is going to ask, yes thats a bunch of Kingston, Antec, and Gigabyte parts frozen into a block of ice in the background.
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Thanks to Kingston, Antec, and Gigabyte for a nice nightcap.

Here's the pictures you guys are actually interested in:

Computer parts encased in ice:

The KAG logo of the night (kingston, antec, and gigabyte hosted the party):

Through the ice, a shot of the Gigabyte gaming keyboard:

And the Antec case iced out:

HyperX RAM from Kingston:
mbentley's Avatar
Now that's what I call going cold
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
On our way to the show floor now, updates soon.
Team kizb's Avatar
Maybe there both will have some Kepler news!
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
If they have any comment, we'll share it here. press lunch time now, so will be back on the floor in a bit
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
If you aren't following the live feed, Intel just officially introduced the K800 Lenovo Smartphone, the first phone powered by an Intel processor:

I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Talked to their lead marketing guy for desktop GPUs at the booth, and his only comment in regards to Kepler was 1st Half 2012, other than that they are focused on Tegra3 and the other things they have ready right now.
Convicted1's Avatar
All the silence regarding Kepler tells me that they must not have it as figured out as they'd like... And that it's not as ready as it should be.
hokiealumnus's Avatar
I saw a post on facebook by Francois Pidenoel (Intel engineer) saying he showed the SA writer that it works fine. The press event was a massive fail but apparently it does work.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
I believe Gigabyte is supposed to have a G1.Sniper M3, mATX gaming board on display. If so, snap a pic or two
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