CES 2015: Captherm Shows Off MP-1240 Multi-Phase CPU Cooler

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Though most of the companies on the show floor aren’t ones we post about often, I was able to catch up with the kind folks of Captherm Systems out there. We heard about this technology briefly last year when they announced the MP-1120, but were not able to see it in action until now. It’s quite impressive actually. Captherm’s products are the only consumer cooling solutions on the market to use a multiphase design, which takes advantage of the change from liquid to vapor. What you can’t see in the photo below, is that the refrigerant is actually bubbling, so you can see the cooling power in action.

Captherm MP-1220

Captherm MP-1120

Captherm’s latest cooler, the MP-1240 (not pictured), took home a CES 2015 Innovation Award. The 1240 uses the same technology as it’s predecessor, but utilizes a larger heat exchanger with up to four fans, increasing performance. The MP-1240 features 100% metal construction and hermetic joints. Captherm feels this could really be a game changer, so we are pretty eager to see what the performance is when it hits the market.

This cooler will not come cheap, likely in the $250 range, which can get you a fairly nice custom water cooling loop, but not the same space saving advantages of the MP-1240. When asked about the performance relative to a custom loop, Captherm’s tech lead said that it all depends on the size of the radiator in your loop. He does however expect it to beset all AIO coolers in the market by a longshot and challenge just about any custom loop. One could likely spend the same amount of money on a custom loop to achieve better performance, but that also comes with the recurring cost and time commitment of maintaining the setup. Caprtherm has essentially solved that problem with a closed loop system that requires no maintenance of any kind.

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