Co:caine Headphones and Wavemaster Mobi mini Speaker

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This article is going to be a slight departure from what you would normally see here at Usually you will see items such as motherboards, video cards, SSD’s, cases, and other PC related goodies. Today, you will get a glance at a set of headphones made by Co:caine, and a speaker made for mobile devices by Wavemaster, called Mobi. This will not be an official review, but just a high level look at the products. Let’s see what these new toys have to offer consumers.

Co:caine Heaphones (Urban Style 05) and Wavemaster Mobi

Co:caine Heaphones (Urban Style 05) and Wavemaster Mobi (White)


Co:caine Headphones – Get High on Music

The first item we will discuss are Co:caine’s headphones. Hopefully by this point, the childish giggling, that I also participated in at first glance, has subsided. Yes, the product is made by Co:caine everyone, and its motto is to “get high on music”! Images of Tony Montana notwithstanding, Co:caine (the company), most may not have heard of. They are a Germany based group (Co:caine website) making headphones and iPhone cases. If you click on the link to their website, you can see many different styles of their headphones and iPhone cases.


Urban-style Co:cain Headphones First Look


The style that was given to us is called “Urban Style 05”. The funky design comes off to me as being fit for a college tapestry, or the bottom of a skateboard. Not remotely my style, but I can see a younger crowd digging this look. If this doesn’t do it for you, they have ten other styles to choose from. Each side of the headset is individually adjustable and uses soft foam for the surround. This setup is said to reduce ambient noise. The bar that goes across your head is also padded for comfort.

Co:caine Heaphones, "urban style 05"

Co:caine Heaphones, “Urban Style 05”



Out of the box

Out of the Box

Close up of the cups

Close Up of the Cups


Below, I have listed the specifications from Co:cain’s website:

  • Speaker: Ø = 50 mm
  • Frequency range: 20-20.000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ω / channel
  • Weight: 286 g ( w/o cable )
  • Cable Length: 1,5 m
  • Connector: 3,5 mm (1/8″) Mini Phono Plug

So how did they sound? Not bad at all. Now, understand I don’t have a $100+ set of cans to compare them to. However, they sounded just as good, if not better, than the cans I have. In playing BF3, the high’s were nice and crisp without sounding ‘tinny’, and lows were reproduced fairly well. The sound-stage appeared properly setup, which made locating enemies quite easy. The long term feel of these on my head was fine. It didn’t feel like I was sporting cans of soup, and I had no problems with the extended gaming session. When listening to music, things were not much different. Perhaps things sounded a bit ‘muddy’ though; almost too much mid-range for my taste. As usual, YMMV. Overall they sounded good for the price.

Pricing on these is around $63 USD (value includes VAT), or 49.90 Euro’s (including VAT). Sorry though USA, this product isn’t for you at this time.

 Wavemaster Mobi (White)

The next, and last item in this article is the Mobi portable speaker by Wavemaster. Wavemaster also appears to be a German based organization. They sell mobile speakers like the Mobi, as well as headphones and earbuds. The Mobi’s intended use, like the headphones above, are for mobile devices. This little unit packs a punch though. I really was taken back by the sound quality of this speaker when compared to the one on the back of my Droid2 (I sure hope so!).

Wavemaster Mobi

Wavemaster Mobi

Taking a look at the unit you can see we received a white colored sample, but this comes in three other colors too (Black, Green, and Pink). It has a small 3.5mm or 1/8″ stereo plug for attaching to your mobile device. The cord is quite short coming in around 5-7″ or so. The unit stands on 3 tiny rubber pedestals and also expands/contracts to fit in your pocket. I do suggest listening to it in its expanded form, as the sound just felt more full due to the larger enclosure. It has a 3.8W (RMS) Class D amplifier to help pump out the tunes, and is powered by a Lithium-ion battery which lasts ‘up to 10 hours’. What is neat about this, is that you can charge this battery via a USB port; sure beats replacing batteries!

Mobi Top

Mobi Top

Mobi - Bottom

Mobi – Bottom



What...? Okkkkkkkkay!!!!

What…? Okkkkkkkkay!!!!

Below, I have listed the specifications from Wavemaster’s website:

  • Speaker drivers: 3.8cm wide range
  • Amplifier: Integrated Class-D amplifier
  • Output power (RMS): 1 x 3.8 W
  • Frequency range: 80 – 20000 Hz
  • Operation / Control: On / Off, operating and charging indicator
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 3.7 V, 500 mAh
  • Charging current: USB 5V
  • Ports: 3.5mm stereo / micro-USB port for charging
  • Dimensions: ø 80 mm x 50 mm
  • Weight: 90g

I’ll cut to the chase here and say this little speaker really surprised me with the quality of sound it put out. The driver used can only go down to around 80Hz, but the sound is quite full and satisfying out of the small footprint. While you wont be shaking the windows and irritating the neighbors with its loudness, it will more than happily play at reasonable volume levels without distortion.

Pricing on this unit I found is $38.72 + taxes. The website does ship to the USA if you would like to purchase these.

There you have it; a bit of departure from the norm here. I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak!


Joe Shields (Earthdog)


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  1. ah. extra goodies are always fun. Wouldn't expect headphones to be the extra in a GPU bundle, though. I would expect something like a game offer, or 3d glasses or something that helps tout the power of the card.
    Nice review as always. That Mobi speaker look like it might make a nice gift for my niece for Christmas :)
    It really would be...:thup:

    Catchy name on them headphones... Very 80s if I say so myself... :chair:

    I do wonder if one would get an uncontrollable urge to speak for hours on end after having worn them for a bit, or maybe you start becoming more paranoid as the hours of use go on?
    All I know is that I started grinding my teeth for no reason and my leg was twitching uncontrollably. :p

    dude, those would have been sweet to review, but oh well, maybe next time, eh?*

    As mentioned in the review, it plays well at reasonable volume levels with no distortion (3.8W - RMS iirc). Well louder than the D2 can play itself.

    They came with a couple of GPU's, and it wasnt intended to be a review from them either, just a mention. Next time however, we can mention we are able to complete a more thorough review and send them your way. As it stood it was a 'we will be selling these, can you make a mention of them' type of situation. Hence the quick hitter article on them.

    FYI - these will both be available in the US VERY soon at amazon and newegg. I will let you know when they hit and the proper US MSRP. :thup:
    dude, those would have been sweet to review, but oh well, maybe next time, eh?

    Anyway, the small speaker itself looks good, though i'd personally still be wary of it's volume, as too many of those things i've used in the past have terrible volume.
    Catchy name on them headphones... Very 80s if I say so myself... :chair:

    I do wonder if one would get an uncontrollable urge to speak for hours on end after having worn them for a bit, or maybe you start becoming more paranoid as the hours of use go on?