New Community Manager

iNet Interactive host and other sites

iNet Interactive host and other sites

Matthew Bidinger, our Forum Administrator and Editor-in-Chief, will take up a position with iNet Interactive as Community Manager starting today. This is an exciting development: Matt is a fantastic editor and has been working hard for over a year now to make the new and refreshed work. He’s a great guy and well-suited to this new post.

As some of you may know, is a site run for the most part by volunteers. Forum members provide, write, edit and publish all of our content. There is, of course, a company behind the site, who provide the technical and financial means for us to run our community: iNet Interactive. Although they take no part in content generation, they are ultimately responsible for making sure we have the right tools to make the site work.

As Community Manager, Matt will be working with all of iNet’s sites to help them grow and publish more interesting content. Matt will also be making the most of the likes of Facebook and Twitter, as he has done for us here at On behalf of the Lead Editors and Forum Moderators I’d like to wish Matt all the best in his new role. Congratulations!

Matt, after some administrating

Matt, after some administrating

-David NelsonLead Editor and Forum Moderator


David's Avatar
He's going to kick my backside for dredging that photo up off Facebook ...

psionic98's Avatar
so does that mean no more admin here or double duty!

Grats Matt!
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Congrats boss-man!

psionic98, Overclockers is one of his responsibilities, so he'll still be around.
Adragontattoo's Avatar
Grats dude!

Why do I feel some very funny retribution coming back on some people.
David's Avatar
No admin! Parrrrrrrty!

Kidding, he'll still be around, I'm sure
mbentley's Avatar
the best part of the article has to be the picture well worth whatever backlash comes your way if i do say so myself!
Coreyoliseffect's Avatar
Glad to hear Matt! Also happy that you will be sticking around, gotta have someone to bug about all my questions. Did someone say no admin party?!?!
bing's Avatar
Congratulation Matt !
Wega!'s Avatar
Grats Hope you still have time for steaming some benches
Conumdrum's Avatar
Congrats Matt! Back to work now, The coffee is cold already.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
I'm glad the job at iNet worked out for you. They made a great decision in hiring you; you do a great job for this site, and other sites can only benefit from your hard work and dedication.

I'm hoping he'll be able to be just as active as always, but keeping up with multiple sites could limit his activity on a single site. There's not another active Admin on OCForums...I wonder if we'll see a new red soon to help take on admin duties here...hmm...
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Of course he'll be active...he had a job before this one didn't he? This one actually includes OCF in his official duties.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
I know he'll be active, that's a given. I just hope the other sites don't cut into too much of his time here.
macklin01's Avatar
Congratulations, Matt!

We're ecstatic for you and our community! We know iNet got the better deal! -- Paul
Owenator's Avatar
Congrats Matt! Couldn't happen to a better guy!
Xaotic's Avatar
Congrats Matt. Glad it worked out for you.
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Thanks everyone, appreciate the comments. Also appreciate those who helped me with my resume.

To address some concerns... You won't see less of me around here, and when you aren't looking I'll continue doing just as much as always behind the scenes. It is my goal to ensure we are moving in a positive direction that furthers the vision of I have experienced many positive interactions in this community that have inspired me. Since before I got blue stars and a "senior member" title in 2004, it has been my driving force to do anything I can to give back. This lead to accepting offers as a senior, then a mod, then an admin... Each time I accepted from the viewpoint that I was taking on additional responsibility. Responsibility to carry on the traditions, and ensure ten years from now this community would still be true to its core values and passing on what it gave to me ten years ago.

My relationship with this community has survived the loss of a pet (In Memory Of Gus), 3 incomplete college endeavors, 3 long term relationships, 2 jobs, 1 new career, 1 lost career, 1 old vehicle, 1 heavy drinking hobby, and countless lovers. A new job won't take me away and I'm not sure anything ever could.

David, I bet you had a hard time picking between that picture and this one:

That's what happens after I.M.O.G. works through the night 3 days straight over a team of 6 techs in a cramped Dallas hotel room with the beds stripped out to make room for tables, completing updates on a hoard of corporate thinkpads (looking back, I really got boned while breaking my back in that old job):
Deanzo's Avatar
Congrats mate, this is a good move all round.
dejo's Avatar
cant believe that I havent seen this till today.

Congrats Matt, they know what you are capable of and seems rightly for them to step up and make the time you put in valuable to yourself as much as it is to us.
mdcomp's Avatar
iNet issued a press release on the subject where they actually praise Matt B. for his hard work. They don't know him well...

Kidding! Great job bud!

Here the press release:

deathman20's Avatar
Ah here is the true post on this I'll post my congrats here as well. Saw this the day he changed his Linkedin profile.

Got to say though love that picture, and man my back would of been complaining the next day sleeping like that. Hope the AC was cranked with all those computers running in there too.
nzaneb's Avatar
Congrats Matt! Great decision by iNet
sno.lcn's Avatar
Congratulations my friend, you're an obvious choice for the position
El<(')>Maxi's Avatar
Uh Oh, you're joined the dark side.

As long as they're paying you more it's OK though
Good Job Matt!!!!!!
Enablingwolf's Avatar
Good on iNet for choosing a community manager like Matt. He is good at knowing when to listen to trends (and people) and knowing when it is time to act on them, not biting into fashionable trends or fads.

I 'think' he took a lot from those who posted on here and furthered what the older admins had in mind, for what this site is about. Which is why, I always come back here and call this place my home on the internet..
For myself, I know this site has grew me as a a person and furthered my love of tech. Glad one of our own is furthering that. Seeing the overclockers brand, growing makes me very happy. Seeing a result of our community growing makes me even happier.

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