Diablo III Beta Gameplay Screenshots & Movie

It’s been years in the making, but finally fans all over the world are getting their first look at the newest Diablo title from Blizzard Entertainment. The Diablo III beta was launched late last week and Blizzard was kind enough to let us check it out firsthand.

Official Diablo III Logo (Courtesy Blizzard Entertainment)

Diablo III Logo (Courtesy Blizzard Entertainment)

To call the Diablo franchise a success is a huge understatement as many fans are still playing Diablo II nearly 12 years after its original release date. Some gamers might recall seeing these long, long wait times for sequels in the past. In some cases the new games were worth the wait like Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which took up several years of my life. However, other games, like Duke Nukem Forever, turned out to be a major flop. Only one way to find out whether Diablo III shares the same fate, let’s dive into the gameplay.

The beta is made up of the short segment of the first act of the game and ends at the defeat of King Leoric. All character classes are available, including Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor and Wizard. I was able to grow to about level 10 before completing the beta, and I will say it was a solid 3 hours or so of excitement. Movements, attacks, potions, items, and inventory are all very similar to its predecessor.

From a performance standpoint, I was able to play the game at the highest graphic settings available including 1920×1080 full HD with my unlocked Sapphire HD 6950 card. I also tested out the game with a HIS HD 6770 and was noticing some lag and artifacts at the highest settings. This card was not designed to handle HD gaming, so it’s not really a big issue. At lower settings, this GPU managed to handle the game flawlessly.

The graphics were outstanding, in my opinion. For a game of this nature, graphics are not usually a focal point but the effects were solid, especially the lighting and shadows. Although improvements can be made according to longtime Diablo fan and Overclockers.com editor Matt Green, who hopes AA and dynamic lighting are available in the final game release:

AA should be there since it’s an option in the settings, but there’s just no mode other than off. Dynamic lighting would be nice, to see abilities light up the environment, like a Wizard’s spell shot down a cave would light up the cave along the spell’s path.

As stated above, there are some settings that do appear in the graphics menu that cannot be toggled in the beta. It is likely that these enhanced effects will be added in the final version of the game, although we cannot confirm that.

For your viewing pleasure, we created a gameplay video to showcase the full experience of Diablo III (please note the gameplay was not created in HD resolution, so graphics may be less impressive):

Also, check out some screenshots:

To stay up to date on the latest game releases, rumors and performance data, keep a close eye on the OC Forums Games section. Currently there are several active threads on the upcoming Battlefield 3 beta, Resident Evil 6 trailer and the discussion that inspired this article, Diablo III NDA Lifted.

Additional Resources from the official Diablo III website:

If you have the beta, please share your impressions with us regarding GPU performance, gameplay, and anything else.

- Matt Ring (mdcomp)


Ba!nesy's Avatar
"Sapphire HD 6950 card. I also tested out the game with a HIS HD 6770 "
And he said it lagged at the highest settings??? because it wasn't a HD gaming card??? really, then what chance does a GTX 460 have? since i'm assuming that the 5770 and GTX 460 were in competition with one another, (I was actually tossing up between the two when I built this comp) and since the 6770 is the next gen graphics card, would perform better than a GTX 460... unless someone can assure me otherwise that would be terrific.
Janus67's Avatar
The 6770 is a mid-range card, I believe is what the newsposter was trying to say. I'd have to search around for some benchmarks for the 6770, but to give you an idea of what the 460 (1GB) is capable of (versus a 6850, which is a better card than the 6770)

You can see in the graphs in the link above that the cards trade blows back and forth for the most part, so the 6770 would have less performance than the 6850.

Or compare the 5770 (the 6770's predecessor, which ironically beats it in some benchmarks)

the 460 blows it out of the water.
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Don't quote me on this, but there was one card (and I'm pretty sure it was the 6770) that was not released as reference by AMD. Partners re-released an older generation card (maybe with a tweak or two...or not; I can't recall) and a new part number. I think that was the 5770 -> 6770. Basically, there is hope for your GTX460.

On the game itself, it looks awesome. I played Diablo (the original) for a long time. This looks right up my alley. If only I had time to game!
EarthDog's Avatar
+1. 6770 is a straight up rebadge of 5770. Weird how nobody from the Nvidia camp is complaining about that................whats good for the goose isnt.........meh.

The 460 is way faster than a 5770/6770/GTX 260 216, so you have a chance.

Thanks for the vids, and pics mdcomp!
olegsomphane's Avatar
You can always turn down the video settings a notch and play smoothly
Ba!nesy's Avatar
I have done that in the past... used to play Oblivion at 800 x 600 with lowest settings, on a pentium D 2.8ghz, nvidia 7300LE, 1gb ram and i think it was just barely playing that, crashed every 10 mins or so so had to save often... I don't mind doing it, but would love it if I could play D3 on max settings.
deathman20's Avatar
Waiting for my beta invite
ToRpEdA667's Avatar
i think i will wait for the finished product
but personaly i think Diablo II should be the last one
LDonnie's Avatar
Subscribed to the youtube channel. I had no idea OC had one. Also, thanks for the article with game-play and pics! Makes me extremely excited for its release.
Douken's Avatar
Hit like on the video so it gets more popular and get more views

And whoever controls that account. Put a link in the description to the OC.com article.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
I'm not sure when AA was added to the beta since I haven't been on in a while, but it's there now! Also, D3 Beta patch 5 was released yesterday with quite a few significant changes.


Diablo III Beta Patch 5 – v.0.3.1. 772

  • All characters have been wiped. As part of this process, artisans, gold, and items (including those placed on the auction house or in a shared stash) have also been reset.
  • Switching out class skills will now require the use of a new feature known as the Nephalem Altar. Nephalem Altars are currently located in New Tristram, as well as in key locations throughout Act I. Clicking on an altar will open up the skill UI, allowing both active and passive skills to be selected or exchanged.
  • Gold rewarded from quests has been significantly reduced.
  • Experience rewarded from quests after level 4 is now based on the number of mobs you’d have to kill to earn the same amount of experience, rather than being a strict percentage of a level
  • New passive skills have been added for all classes. See individual class notes below for more information.
  • AoE (Area of Effect) skills for all classes have had their damage reduced.
  • Single-target skills for all classes have had their damage increased.
  • All skills are now based off weapon damage.
User Interface
  • The in-game UI has been updated with general art and usability improvements

Active Skills:
  • The Barbarian’s Fury Generators have received a tuning pass. Bash, Cleave, and Frenzy now generate more Fury whereas the other Fury Generators now generate less.
Additional changes include:
  • Battle Rage: Damage bonus reduced from 30% to 20%
  • Revenge: The chance for this ability to activate has been increased from 10% to 15%
  • Weapon Throw: Fury cost reduced from 20 to 10. Damage decreased from 210% to 180%

Passive Skills
New passive skills have been added:
  • Nerves of Steel: Unlocked at level 12. Your defense is increased by 25% of your Vitality.
Demon Hunter
  • Maximum Hatred reduced from 150 to 125.
Active Skills
  • The order in which skills are awarded has been adjusted for levels 1 to 13.
  • Resource management for the Demon Hunter has been reworked significantly. Skills for the class now fall into the three categories: Hatred Generators, Hatred Spenders, and Discipline Spenders.

Hatred Generators
  • Bola Shot: Generates 2 Hatred
  • Entangling Shot: Generates 4 Hatred
  • Evasive Fire: Generates 4 Hatred*
  • Grenades: Generates 2 Hatred
  • Impale: Generates 6 Hatred
Hatred Spenders
  • Chakram: Costs 10 Hatred
  • Elemental Arrow: Costs 5 Hatred
  • Hungering Arrow: Costs 10 Hatred
  • Rapid Fire: Costs 30 Hatred (initially) and 1.5 Hatred per second for each additional shot
Discipline Spenders
  • Caltrops: Costs 8 Discipline.
  • Shadow Power: Costs 20 Discipline.
  • Vault: Costs 10 Discipline.
  • Evasive Fire: Costs 4 Discipline to Backflip.
Additional changes include:
  • Bola Shot: On-hit damage increased from 100% to 105%.
  • Chakram: Damage reduced from 150% to 135%.
  • Grenades: Damage increased from 75% to 80%.
  • Hungering Arrow: Damage increased from 115% to 145%. Pierce chance is once again a fixed 35% rather than scaling with level.
  • Impale: Impale has been given a new spell effect. It is now a thrown dagger instead of a bow shot.
  • Rapid Fire: Damage increased from 35% weapon damage per shot to 38% weapon damage per shot.
  • Shadow Power: Attack speed bonus reduced from 50% to 30%.
Passive Skills
New passive skills have been added:
  • Tactical Advantage: Unlocked at level 10.
  • Whenever you use Vault, Smokescreen, or backflip with Evasive Fire you gain 60% movement speed for 2 seconds
Active Skills
  • All Mantras now have a 15 second cooldown and grant a bonus effect for the first 3 seconds after activation
Additional changes include:
  • Blinding Flash: Spirit cost reduced from 50 to 30. Duration reduced from 5 second to 3 seconds
  • Breath of Heaven: Spirit cost reduced from 75 to 25. Healing amount reduced.
  • Crippling Wave: Damage increased from 120% to 135%
  • Deadly Reach: Damage increased from 110% to 120%
  • Fists of Thunder: Damage increased from 100% to 120%
  • Lashing Tail Kick: Spirit cost increased from 25 to 30. Damage increased from 130% to 180%
Passive Skills
  • Transcendence: Healing per Spirit reduced
Witch Doctor
Active Skills
  • All Witch Doctor skills now do damage based on your weapon damage and cast at a speed based on your weapon attack speed.
Passive skills
New passive skills have been added:

Circle of Life
Unlocked at level 12
Whenever an enemy dies within 12 yards there is a 5% chance that a Zombie dog will automatically emerge

Jungle Fortitude
Unlocked at level 10
Reduces all damage taken by you and your pets by 20%
Active Skills
  • The order in which skills are awarded from levels 6 to 13 has been adjusted. Players will now unlock offensive and defensive spells in an alternating order.
  • All Wizard skills now do damage based on your weapon damage and cast at a speed based on your weapon attack speed.
Passive Skills
New passive skills have been added:

Critical Mass
Unlocked at level 12
Your critical hits reduce the cooldown of your spells by 1 second

  • Guardian: Ability now unlocks at level 20, instead of level 5
  • Heal: Healing provided by this ability will now scale properly. When activated, ability will heal you for ¼ of your total health every 15 seconds. Will only heal when player is below 50% health, down from 67%
  • Intimidate: Slow amount reduced from 80% to 50%
  • Intervene: Intervene is the new name for Taunt, and now unlocks at level 5. Radius of monsters to be taunted reduced from 30 to 10 yards. Duration reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds. Will now only cast when player is below 50%. Cooldown increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Loyalty: Life regenerated by this ability will now scale properly
  • Items
  • Players now start with 5 health potions
  • Health globes now heal you over 1.5 seconds rather than over 5 seconds.
  • The number of chests, shrines, and other interactable items (e.g. bookcases and loose stones) has been greatly reduced across the entire game
  • Items sold from vendors will now be at least one item level lower than those that are currently available to a player via drops from monsters
  • The level of an item is now much more likely to match or be close to the level of the monster from which it dropped, and the affixes that appear are much more likely to be from the upper range
Several significant changes have been made to weapons and weapon damage affixes:
  • The damage bonus granted to two-handed weapons over one-handed weapons has been reduced from 15%-38% from level 1-60 to 13%-32%.
  • Wands attack speed has been increased from 1.2 to 1.4
  • Quivers, Orbs, and Mojos will now always come with +Min/Max damage
  • Ceremonial Daggers will now frequently come with +Mana Regen.
  • Wands will now frequently come with the +Max Arcane Power.
  • The amount of inherent slow granted by cold weapons has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second.
  • One-handed crossbows and daggers now pull from a separate pool of affixes for + damage.
  • The damage variance between weapons of the same type has been reduced.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that was causing two-handed Monk combat staves to not receive the proper damage bonus
  • A new Mortar affix has been added to the game. Mortar monsters will lob grenades at enemies outside melee range.
  • Lightning bolt damage from Electrified-enchanted monsters has been reduced by 40%.
  • Monsters that are enchanted to an element (Molten, Electrified, etc.) now correctly have 50% resistance to their chosen element. Ex: Molten monsters will have 50% damage resistance to Fire at equal level.
  • Wretched Mothers in Act I can now only summon one zombie at a time
  • Treasure Goblins are now immune to fear
Skeleton King
  • Whirlwind damage increased from 100% to 300%.
  • Cleave damage increased from 80% to 100%.

  • Blacksmiths now start with a Fist weapon and a Dagger weapon option to craft.
  • Blacksmith leveling and crafting recipes have received a tuning pass.
  • Pages of Training will now drop starting at level 6, down from level 8.
  • The chance for Magic and Rare items to salvage into higher quality crafting material has been increased from 1% to 5%.
  • Salvaging blue items now has a 1% chance to salvage into Legendary crafting material
Janus67's Avatar
Looks excellent with and without actually. I really can't tell too much of a difference minus the lamp post.
Ba!nesy's Avatar
you probably won't notice much difference when moving around either... its a shame really... all this time and effort goes into making something like the shrine look good, and most people won't notice it because they're moving around.

Also is it just more or on the well, that root that's sticking out the bottom, does it look out of place? something just doesn't seem right about it to me. then again I'll probably miss it once i start playing the game.
deathman20's Avatar
The well looks like it was a tree stump. So no doesn't look too out of place.
pinky33's Avatar
Game looks great and thanks for all the updates. Makes me feel confident my q6600 and 285 will run the game to med-high settings.
Ba!nesy's Avatar
What I meant was it looks like an old early 90's video game that had pre rendered scenes and the animations clearly stood out from the background in that the tree stump is an animated thing and the ground is part of the pre-rendered scene.
if that makes sense.
pinky33's Avatar
I understand exactly what you mean, but even blizzard can't be perfect I guess. If you did not mention it I would not have noticed at all and certainly would not have noticed if I was running around the lvl playing myself.
killerkid's Avatar
I just got an invite to the beta, prolly came out in the wave monday but I just checked and it's there. OMG I am so excited lol.
disk11's Avatar
I'm in the beta, send me a PM and I'll add you to my friends list.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Diablo 3 Beta Patch 6 - v0.4.0.7841

In my opinion, the most noteworthy changes of this patch are in the "Battle.net" section.

disk11's Avatar
I thought I'd post some notes after much D3 playing.

Pick up EVERY item dropped. Even the broken/cracked ones. After a bit, you get the Nephalem Cube, which can be used to break items down for creating new items via the crafting NPCs. Don't bother selling them, even most magic items are only worth 30 or so gold, and you get plenty if you check everything (barrels, etc) and kill every enemy. I have managed to get a few Fallen Teeth (rare requirement) and somehow a Petrified Bark (Legendary requirement) from a Magic item

Sadly, I've found only a few rares, no legendary, and no set items yet. Only had a 30% MF so far, but got some new stuff crafted that should bump that up a bit.

It's been very fun so far, and I can't wait for the real thing.
Ba!nesy's Avatar
are there actually legendaries and set items in the beta???
disk11's Avatar
I'm not sure, I was merely saying I hadn't gotten any. Though I think MattNo5ss found a low level set sword, but I can't find that post. If I manage to find any I will be back.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Yep, I found a legendary sword, Griswold's Edge, it's probably just the lowest level unique sword like Rixot's Keen in D2. I haven't come across any set items yet though, they would have to be a very low level set since the beta is only like the first 1/3 of Act 1.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Diablo III Beta Patch 7 - v0.4.1.7931
ToRpEdA667's Avatar
Whete can I download the beta from ?? anyone ./?
hokiealumnus's Avatar
It's invite only at this point, so there is no open download.
pinky33's Avatar
Every time I see an update in this thread I hope its someone saying FREE BETA FOR ALL, AND TO ALL A SLEEPLESS NIGHT.

..........crawls back into his starcraft hole again.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
You have to register for beta access on battle.net and hope they send you an invite. I'm not sure if you can still register or not though. You'll have to check on your account on battle.net.
Jkicak's Avatar
is this going to be point and click to move like the old ones? if that is the case i don't think i will like this game.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Yep, it's click-to-move. One of the things I really like about it is that movement, interacting, and attacking is done with the mouse and the keyboard is used for hotkeys.
ToRpEdA667's Avatar
Ok thanks i am doing a course at the moment for QA tester so maybe they will take that in consideration. I'm taking it seriously as well for my future career so hopefully ///// I have to get a new motherboard i think still i get some red dots all over the screen when i move the top card in the slot they disappear but i will make a new thread for that issue cus im not sure if it's the motherboard or the GPU's
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Diablo III Beta Patch 8 – v.
Released 12/15/11

MattNo5ss's Avatar
Diablo III Beta Patch 9 – v.
Released 12/20/11

MattNo5ss's Avatar
Diablo III System Changes

Quick bullet point summary, but much more detail in the link above.
  • Scrolls of Identification are no longer in the game.
  • Moving the fifth quick slot button, which is becoming a dedicated potion button.
  • We're removing the Mystic artisan.
  • We've decided to remove the Cauldron of Jordan and Nephalem Cube.
  • The Blacksmith artisan will now salvage items.
  • Common (white) items will no longer be salvageable.
  • We're changing core character attributes to Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, and Vitality
  • We're now displaying character stats directly on the inventory UI.
The changes above should be implemented in the future beta patch(es). There are also "blue" comments on the Battle.net forums about beta patch 10 coming in the next few days, possibly as early as tomorrow.
Roachgod's Avatar
I hope some of the video card manufacterers make a Diablo 3 edition video card. Just sayin in case someone here is in the click that it would be sweet. I built the computer in my sig 3 years ago when they released the Phenom 2 940 be to play D3 thinking it would be released soon and here I am now going to need a new card at minimum.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
I'd be surprised if you need a new GPU, D3 doesn't look graphically demanding. But if you want an excuse to upgrade, then D3 is a good one
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Beta patch 10 is in the process of being rolled out today, server downtime should last until ~10:00PM CST.

kraven's Avatar
I really wish I was able to get into the beta but I set my battle.net account up too late.

Anyone know if there's been any recent beta invites sent out?
kraven's Avatar
Just got my beta key
Janus67's Avatar
I just got one as well, they must be rolling them out now.
thobel's Avatar
Same I'm almost done with the install
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Sweet! Pretty soon we'll have enough people that we could make a D3 bnet accounts thread
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Quick tip: Disable P2P downloading in the Launcher before playing
pinky33's Avatar
just logged in and it seems I also have it. I just told my girlfriend goodby!
MattNo5ss's Avatar
You'll get an email, at least I did on the first round of invites.
kraven's Avatar
That's a fantastic idea, I'm glad you thought of it.

It's party time!
Aynjell's Avatar
WOO, just got into the beta. so far it's pretty good. Playing the witch doctor!
kraven's Avatar
My battle tag is: Insomniac#1259
pinky33's Avatar
While in the cathedral when the Templar breaks the spikes on the stairs my FPS drop from 60(vsync) to 15fps every time.

(solved I think) I also notice lag even in town, but I can't tell if its from internet/beta testing or my computer. The lag does lessen when going from 1920x1080 to 1024x768, but I am surprised I am even having trouble running at 1920x1080.

I am on 285gtx evga

Even with low settings it is worse tonight and so is browsing the internet....so this leaves me to believe it is an internet/lag issue.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Diablo III Beta Patch 13 – v.

A number of significant changes have been made to the character skill and rune systems, as well as to the gold and currency-based auction houses. To learn more about these changes and why they were made, please read the Skill and Rune Changes blog written by Jay Wilson and the Beta Auction House Changes Incoming forum post.

pinky33's Avatar
Nvidia came out with GeForce R295 Driver

It has helped me a lot with my 285gtx
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Hardcore Mode available!
Monsters do more damage!
Public games fixed so people can actually join games and play together!
Elective mode Skill UI allows drag and drop!
30% DR to melee classes!

Diablo III Beta Patch 14 – v.
Released 3/8/12

Janus67's Avatar
Beat me to it at the exact same minute
MattNo5ss's Avatar
I'm on top of this
zitnik's Avatar
Diablo 3 got a release date...!

MattNo5ss's Avatar

@ Everyone planning on buying D3 (or already have SC2/WoW):

Be sure to go to the OCF Battle.net BattleTags thread and post up your tag so we'll have familiar faces alongside us while we murder the demons of hell
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
Already got my pre order
pinky33's Avatar
So what your saying is "My life on the mortal plane that my girlfriend is a part of ends on May 15th"?
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Yep, precisely!

You just need to drag her into D3 with you
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
I'm dragging my girl into it
pinky33's Avatar
went to best buy just now to pre-order and found out Max Payne's release is the same day.
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
start saving...
robble's Avatar


Two must play games released on the same day..

I think my head may explode.

I'll probably do D3 first though as most of the games I've been playing lately are FPS.
BugFreak's Avatar
In case you guys didn't notice if you pre-ordered D3 you download the client now. In your battle.net click on your Diablo 3 global then click on download client. I'm doing it now to avoid the release rush. 7.6gig of diablo love!
MattNo5ss's Avatar
I've pre-ordered the game, and I'll probably DL it closer to release in case they change stuff in the next two months.
BugFreak's Avatar
I thought about that but I figure either way I will be downloading patches galore so I might as well have the bulk of it prior.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
On my 1.5Mb/s connection I don't want to DL any more than I have to...lol. Downloading multiple GB @ ~150KB/s can be grueling... to think I still had dial-up a year ago...

If I had a fast connection, I wouldn't mind.
pinky33's Avatar
I wanted the box.
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
GAH the beta is down too. the message doesnt even give an ETA on when the beta will be back iv been playing to get me ready and decide who i wanted to play as. said there were some problems with the last patch.
Twiggz's Avatar
I'll end up buying the game off a shelf, I have this bad habit of saving every cool pc game box that I buy.
soulwatch5's Avatar
Speaking from experience i would not recommend this. Especially if you guys only have one computer that can play the game. lol
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Update on Inferno difficulty.

Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
interesting read i hope its good its kind of hard to tell without being able to play the beta past the skeleton king.
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
BUMP. WOOOOOOT 1 month 10 days!
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Diablo III Beta Patch 16

deathman20's Avatar
Yummm can't wait
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Me either, and it's less than a month away
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
YES! its hard to believe we can say that! less than a month away till we are grouping and demolishing the forces of evil!....

after reading that i sound like such a nerd.... for diablo? I will accept that title.
deathman20's Avatar
Told someone yesterday and he couldn't believe it was coming out... he said "well there goes sleep for a while".
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
lol I know some pissed off college students that are busting there asses to get ahead!
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar

MattNo5ss's Avatar
So, withdrawal begins May 1st... not looking forward to being in a corner rocking back and forth in the fetal position while relentlessly biting my nails and going through hallucinations and hot flashes for 2 weeks...
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
I know i can see me growing out my barbarian beard swinging around my cardboard axe that i named the axe of sorrow while smiting invisible demons.... good times.
madhatter256's Avatar
Newegg has a promo code for Diablo 3. Preorder it and get $10 off the price w/ promocode.

Should be in the latest email newsletter, it's a 48hour sale by the way...
deathman20's Avatar
Server is back up... sadly got my hopes up too much that they opened the beta :/

Oh well 27 days to go.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Just noticed Beta Patch 17, and it added cross-game chat.

Janus67's Avatar
Looks like there may be a F2P/Starter edition for D3 (akin to what they have for WoW and SC2)
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Interesting. Never heard of "starter editions" before. Turning the beta into a demo maybe?
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
wither way its just advertising to get more people in the game which would almost make it better for all of us who have been fans and waiting for so long because the more people get it the better and more content they will provide!
Aynjell's Avatar
So, are they going to be doing these kind of wipes when the game is released? I know the ladders eventually reset (not sure how you ladder in diablo 3) but how does that work? Will it be like WoW in that you can hold onto a character for years or what?
MattNo5ss's Avatar
AFAIK, there isn't a ladder in D3 or character wipes, at least at release. Maybe something to add in the future. I really hope they add a ladder...
Janus67's Avatar
How does a ladder work, per-say? Is that where you are ranked by your item level or by how quickly you kill the bosses in the game (akin to raiding in WoW?)
MattNo5ss's Avatar
In D2, it was solely based on experience gained. When ladder reset the ladder characters would get converted to non-ladder characters, then you would have to start over if you wanted to be in the new ladder season.

The ladder also had it's own ladder-only features/content.
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
its so close yet.... so FRICKING FAR!
deathman20's Avatar
Just looking forward to the open beta this weekend. Servers are going to be hammered but hopefully get a little time playing it.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
I'm glad they are doing the open beta to test the servers in a high-stress, release-like situation. It would suck to have the servers crash on release day because they were under prepared, the open beta weekend should help.
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
well that and FINALLY ill have someone to play with! i hated playing with randoms every game i was in it seemed like everyone was off doing there own quest so ill be happy to try some good old multiplayer
mage_x's Avatar
Anyone been able to log in yet? I keep getting server error.
robble's Avatar
I made it in after about 40 attempts. Did solo game as barbarian. Took about 2 hours to complete it on normal level. PSA - "normal" should be listed as "extremely easy"

I may need to go through as some other classes now.
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
well you haven't seen this video yet have you...
robble's Avatar
actually nope. I do hope there is some middle ground between "much too easy" and "OMG I can't survive."
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Normal, nightmare, hell, and inferno are the difficulties. Don't forget there's hardcore mode too.
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
yes and nightmare and hell are your in between to easy and OMG WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!

Thats what inferno should be called.
bigben6's Avatar
busy all day, hoping to play this morning or a bit... servers down... soooo sad....
deathman20's Avatar
Got in for about 20min last night.... *drool*

Yup can't wait to get more fun. Just tried to get in but couldn't log in.
Janus67's Avatar
Played for about 4 hours or so this morning, went through with my WD and killed the skeleton king at about level 10 (and got two yellow identifiables on that one run). Have now gone back to kill him about 5 more times, nothing more than blue stuff. I think I will try making a demon hunter here soon.
deathman20's Avatar
Gotta ask what is peoples favorite characters?

I know barbarian is high on my list... always like the up front and personal with my enemy.
pwnmachine's Avatar
I wonder if this has a Netbook mode, similar to that in Torchlight.
fcomstoc's Avatar
I have tried for several days to log in to any parts of the game and I get all sorts of errors, I posted on the Blizzard forums. I hope to get on again at some point. The little bit of the game I did get to play was pretty cool (although after playing WoW for so long the interface is weird). I also wish that it supported Eyeinfinity so that I could use all 3 of my monitors. (3840x1024) or at least get windowed mode to work right.
G33K454URU5 R3X's Avatar
I played last night for a little; took forever to download enough for it to be 'playable' but that was to be expected. Overall, I thought the gameplay was good - found it frustrating though when targeting undead eating a body; as a wizard, I wound up clicking on the body that was 'lootable' and ended up walking right into 4-5 enemies. It could have also been due to the fact the game was running a bit choppy during some of the fights, due to the download of the remaining game files still being in progress. I'm sure the game will be much more seamless for the actual release. I liked some of the new elements of gameplay, such as auto-regenerating 'arcane power aka mana' so you don't have to pop potions like candy. Sound quality was awesome as well.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Hopefully it was just the open beta causing those errors. I know they were slowly increasing player caps throughout the weekend.

Eyefinity isn't as useful for dungeon crawler games with isometric graphics. Eyefinity will be fine out in open areas, but when you are confined to paths like in a dungeon, Eyefinity become useless. This is because the paths are diagonals, so in dungeons you would need more monitor space corner-to-corner rather than left-to-right. So the monitors to the left and right would never be used since your character stays in the middle of the center screen and the paths are diagonal. The wizard's teleport ability is the only way I see Eyefinity being useful in a dungeon.

When using long range characters you'll want to hold shift a lot to keep your character stationary while using abilities, just like in D2.
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
you can also hold shift to attack without having to actually click and enemy.

EDIT: you beat me to it....
G33K454URU5 R3X's Avatar
You bring up a valid point; I forgot about holding shift. However, I'm also not necessarially sold on the fact it is a $60 game.
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
for the hours I have already put into the beta.... it will be worth it.... for me atleast.
G33K454URU5 R3X's Avatar
I put about an hour or so into the game...of which some parts were real smooth, others were choppy. I guess I didn't get the 'full' D3 experience. Then again, I don't really have a whole heck of a lot of time for game playing like I used to
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Just knowing how much time I'll put into this game makes it worth the $60 to me. IIRC, D2 + LoD was ~$60, and I played for 10+ years, so that's $6 or less per year
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
I'm with Matt on that one it was the same for me. And just to show how different every play through can be because of the random events I just found Warriv's Journal on dead Warriv's body first time I have found that.
bigben6's Avatar
it will be well worth 60 dollars IMO, i played the Demon Hunter a.k.a. thief from the original, like it alot but i have always liked the glass cannon/hit and run style of play. Played witch doc to lvl 8ish too and had fun but it was MUCH harder, possibly by design possibly because im not used to that play style....

I am VERY torn on the lack of attribute points, str, dex, vit, mag, stamina etc. alot of people are saying "everyone put only enough into str for armor and dex for dodge/block and dumped everything else into vit" and maybe they did but i feel like opening up stuff along the way with lvl is kinda shallowing the play. Now, maybe with the rune stones and crafting etc. ill get the decision making/craft a custom avatar experience i felt like i missed, but in the beta at least i felt like save for luck fo equipment found, every lvl13 DH would be essentially identical to mine... maybe not on the end game..

even a skill tree like say Hell Gate London (if anyone else ever played that one) would be good because you can still have separation between 2 avatars of the same root class...

MattNo5ss's Avatar
Like you said, D2 was just enough str/dex for equipment and the rest into vitality for every class, except for a couple builds like glass cannon zon or ES sorc. I'm thinking the set attribute points per level in D3 will make the difference between classes larger. There are also huge stat affixes on items (unlike D2), so stat customization will come from items in D3.

I like the skill tree because it's familiar, but it didn't really give us much customization in D2. It was usually max 2 skills and put rest of the points in synergies. So, there was probably 3-4 viable builds per class and everybody who had a specific build used the same skills and synergies.

The barbarian in D2 had a total of 30 skills to unlock and use (every character had 30). In D3, the barbarian has 38 skills plus 5*38 runes, so that comes out 6*38=228 different skills. However, not all runes completely change a skill, but many do make a significant change. I think there's possibility for quite a bit more diversity in D3 than there was in D2.

I think what a lot of people don't like about the new system is that there aren't really any permanent decisions to make about your character. Whether that's a good or bad thing is debatable.
G33K454URU5 R3X's Avatar
I was a bit surprised to see that the attributes were automatically applied to the charachter - but I guess it's a lot like traditional RPG's where as you would level up, some attributes would go up more than others depending upon charachter class. Unfortunately, I missed a week ago where NewEgg was selling D3 for $50. The plus side, however, is I remembered I have $20 in credit there, so if I can pick up the game for $40 it's worth it for me Would be nice to play w/ people who want to follow along the story line and don't go running all over creation, at least during the first round of play.
Aynjell's Avatar
Diablo 3 should challenge my playtime of starcraft for most people.
bigben6's Avatar
THIS is also a problem IMO.... at any given time if you find a new build form someone else you can swap it over, there r no long term consequences to your choices.... i dunno, im gonna play it, its very good, but i think it could be better honestly... we will see how runes play out and forging gear plays out once it is live, but it would be nice to have some sort of choice system with some semblance of permanence attached to it...
Janus67's Avatar
I personally would hate to make a newbie mistake and put points into things that I didn't' know any better about and then have to completely re-roll a character in order to make up for that. I'm all for stat allocations, but there needs to be a way to re-do them (ala the talent trees in WoW) that could be a gold sink/etc.
deathman20's Avatar
I personally loved the stat building in D2 and such. And most of the time I dropped more into strength/vit... though I didn't always dump everything into Vit! Gave me a little more edge for damage and just quicker with the potions

I think I'll like my Barbarian again as usual! Though not totally sold on the WH yet, though I would play him but probably take a little interest into the Sorc.

So how many days? All I know its 6 days when I get back from my vacation.
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
One of my friends worked it out and i dont remember the exact number all i remember that if you were able to try each combo of runes and skills for 10 min each you would be dead before you got to try them all... it was rediculous. if i can talk to him again ill see if he remembers the exact numbers or would do the work to figure it out again.
Janus67's Avatar
So I have now played through the beta with each of the characters. I honestly have no idea which I liked the most () I was hoping that it would be an easy decision, but each one I played with I really enjoyed... wizard probably the least [even though I play mage in almost every MMO as a main]. I think Monk was a blast to play, especially with the teleporting punching, barbarian was good after I could leap. WD is a great time with the pets/etc, and DH is a great hit/run fighting type [although I wish it would be more noticeable if you have dual-CBs equipped, faster shooting or something, I didn't notice anything like that). Basically makes any secondary weapon just a stat-stick.
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
I never really thought about it but you are right about those dual cross bows... they just dont feel like there both there.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Yeah, the xbows seem to just add to your DPS while you attack about the same speed. Seems the same for all dual wielding really...maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention.

A single xbow + quiver seemed to give me better DPS than dual xbows, so don't forget to try that out too. Don't just assume dual xbows is better, I did that for a while
Janus67's Avatar
Yeah, that's what I ended up doing for most of it until I got a rare xbow to go with another high-dps xbow. I wish the DPS numbers increased as the stats went up (ie dexterity/int/strength/etc... but they don't)
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Unless I missed some changes, stats do increase damage for characters:
  • Strength increases damage for Barbarians
  • Dexterity increases damage for Demon Hunters and Monks
  • Intelligence increases damage for Wizards and Witch Doctors
IIRC, each point equals 1% more damage.
Janus67's Avatar
Oh, I know it does, what I'm saying is on the character sheet the DPS numbers don't increase. Would be nice to see that when I add 5 dext (for example) the DPS numbers increase as I just added 5% more damage/ability power
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Introducing Global Play for Diablo III

MattNo5ss's Avatar
Oh, and beta has officially ended...

deathman20's Avatar
Well that will push money diggers to either have spoof IP addresses for regions or what not. Maybe that might keep the real money auction houses in line for a little bit.
Pvt.Dancer's Avatar
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