Me, and my stuff
  1. Tan walls, white trim - the ugly pink and brown won't be missed
  2. Same shot as before, new paint colors
  3. One more angle on the new colors - desktop picture is running Mint, used primarily for XBMC.
  4. After painting, tan with white trim.
  5. Another shot at the ugly pink walls when I moved in.
  6. Ugly pink and brown walls, when I moved in before repainting...
  7. Wendy Park in Cleveland
  8. Bub on the road again, little more tired in this one
  9. Bubba is pretty good about riding in the car.
  10. Not me, Bubba (Rhodesian Ridgeback + AmStaff)
  11. Me, and my girlfriend Kim
  12. Not me, Gus (In Memory Of Gus)
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