Classifieds Rules and Guidelines

Table of Contents:
Rules Introduction
General Rules
Warez, Crackz, and Copyrighted Material
Regarding Dibs
Regarding promises of pictures
Frequently Asked Questions
Trading Guidelines, Tips, and Etiquette
In Closing

Rules Introduction

Welcome to the Classifieds.

We hope sincerely that you will enjoy your time here and that all your dealings will go smooth and without incident, in order to assure we ask that you adhere to the following rules and guidelines. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact the Staff.

Classifieds Rules

These rules are subject to change without notice; please make sure to stay up to date with them as best you can.


    The penalty for violating this rule MAY result in loss of Classifieds privileges

  3. Regarding Email addresses, please see the Email Policy in Forum Feedback

  4. Absolutely NO warez selling, discussion, trading, or posting will be allowed Violations/Violators will be dealt with accordingly. This also includes pirated software, and that of a questionable nature. Clarification is here.

  5. Please make sure you post in the proper forum, in order to make it easier for someone to find what they are searching for. Posts not within the proper forum will be moved accordingly, please letís just make sure we are posting in the proper forum to begin with.

  6. Please do not use the Classifieds as a place to share others' personal information. Such as trolls and etc. There are appropriate websites with which to deal with such things.

  7. Any Ads for items for Sale or Wanted, posted in the General Forums will be deleted on sight. Anyone caught doing this a second time, will have their posting privileges suspended for three days. If, upon return from suspension, a third infraction of this rule occurs, you will be permanently banned from the Forums.

  8. Do not demean a sellerís price in any way nor hamper his/her attempts to sell an item. This includes posting a link showing a lower price for the same item elsewhere or mentioning the availability of a lower price somewhere else. All price negotiating or the advising of lower prices known elsewhere must be done via PM. Doing it in-thread is considered thread-crapping and is against our rules.

  9. NO Commercial Ads of ANY KIND! Any such ads will be deleted at once and the violator locked out of the Classifieds permanently!
    Links to outside Classifieds, Ebay or other "auction" sites etc. are forbidden.

  10. assumes no responsibility for any bad deals. Buy/trade/sell at your own risk!!!!

  11. We have decided against allowing "Group Buy" type transactions, please do not post them, as thoughtful as they might be to offer others, it can easily turn into a logistical nightmare, and even a liability of sorts. sorry, but "Group buys" are not allowed.

  12. Absolutely NO Software Ads of ANY kind will be allowed! Any Ads containing Software for Sale/Trade/Want will be deleted on sight. Anyone posting Software Ads in the Classifieds, after previously being warned about this by the Staff, will be locked out of the Classifieds permanently! Refer here for questions about selling games or license keys.

  13. If you wish to make changes to the item listing, edit the original post. However, it must remain intact by including the item, item description, the starting price, and the selling price.

  14. Sellers and items are verified, to ensure that they exist and they aren't trying to scam you. These are the extensive verification rules.

  15. When your sale thread is complete, move the thread to the "SOLD!" subforum. This is done by clicking on thread tools at the top right of the thread, then selecting "move thread". This keeps the classifieds clean and helps everyone involved find or sell their gear.

  16. Calling Dibs is perfectly acceptable, just be prepared for what you're getting into.

  17. There are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that come up. Here are some questions and answers.

  18. Do not promise to post pictures and forget about said promise. We have rules for that, too.

  19. We do not allow sellers to charge buyers the fees associated with paying for goods/services via Paypal. [Paypal User Agreement Sections 4.2e, 4.5] - updated 4/7/2011

  20. We do not allow sellers to require or request payment to be sent as a "Personal Payment" (AKA "Gift" payment), nor do we allow buyers to offer to pay as a "Personal Payment". [Paypal User Agreement Section 4.1] - updated 4/7/2011
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Warez, Crackz, and Copyrighted Material;

This is to clarify the position of this site regarding Warez information and warez sites, Crackz and information about crackz, and the posting and downloading of copyrighted material.

Overclockers prohibits the promotion of, and reference to, any program or website which contains or distributes Warez, Crackz, and pirated copyrighted material, including but not limited to music and video.

Discussion of Warez, crackz, and pirated copyrighted material is not permitted in this forum. Any offer to provide or request to receive warez, crackz, and bootleg material will be deleted without notice and the offender will be warned. A repeat offense is grounds for permanent dismissal, without recourse, from these forums.

This is a serious issue for this Forum. Allowing discussion of and, by extension condoning the distribution of, said information jeopardizes the very existence of this Forum. As such, it will not be tolerated. For the long-term future of this site, please abide by this rule.

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Regarding Dibs

  • If you post 'Dibs' on any item you are agreeing to buy it and must have the funds at that moment. Payment arrangements must be made within 24 hours of the seller sending you a PM or email, otherwise you lose dibs. If a buyer and seller then agree on XX period of time before payment, that's fine. But calling dibs obligates you to purchase the product and to do so in a reasonable amount of time. Dibs is "I AM BUYING THIS, THANK YOU", not "I'm kind of interested."

  • If you post dibs on an item, its yours. So you better be careful in the future because we are cracking down and the penalty for repetitive backing out after calling dibs is a vacation from the classifieds.

  • Due to the difficulty in enforcing PM vs. thread dibs, order of sale burden is always on the seller. If someone PMs a seller and pays for an item, but in the mean time someone posts dibs in the thread, tough. Money talks; the item was purchased and they didn't get around to posting in the thread before you posted dibs. The item was sold, such is life and we all move on. Staff will no longer intervene in "but I posted dibs in the thread" arguments. It was a monster of our own creation and we are vanquishing it.

  • The item for sale is the seller's possession. Ultimately, it is theirs to do with as they please and they will sell it to whoever they want. However, if sellers repeatedly fail to honor dibs, it will be the seller that gets a vacation from the classifieds. We still expect a fair system where the buyer sells to the person that first called dibs (which translates to: I have the requested amount of money right now, where do I send it?). If you run across a seller that you believe is not doing that and have documentation of same, please contact a staff member.

  • All of that said, it is always best practice to post dibs in a thread when purchasing an item so that you don't find yourself in a complaint match. If you get an agreement via PM, go post dibs right then. Sellers, this is on you too - post that an item is pending as soon as it is, then post again as soon as you receive payment. Through full, prompt sale documentation both buyers and sellers can save themselves from complaints of other buyers, trust us on this one.

  • Regarding sales on other forums: We are fully aware most people list their items for sale on other forums. This is common practice and nothing new. From now on, you may do so without fear of reprisal from OCF if it sells in other locations. What you are responsible for is keeping your threads up to date. If you reapeatedly have people here lose out on their dibs here because of selling elsewhere, you are clearly not keeping your thread up-to-date promptly enough and you will receive a vacation from the classifieds for it. If this happens repeatedly, buyers, please report to us and we'll look into it.

  • "Conditional" dibs are not permitted. This includes "dibs pending some questions," "dibs pending whether or not my wife says it's ok," and "dibs if my dog starts talking in Chinese." Saying "I'm interested, but xxx" is a CONDITIONAL dibs, and that's ok, as long as you realize that an unconditional dibs will win out 100% of the time, regardless of who posted first.

  • RE: Dibs on items that have a +Shipping cost associated with them: You should call dibs with the expectation that it's going to cost you a reasonable sum. Generally no more than $20 at the extremes.

    If you need help with the estimates:

    When it comes to shipping outside of the seller's home country, then it really becomes a matter of taking a place in line. You can't possibly know if someone is willing to ship to Canada or the UK, so you have to say something to the effect of "dibs pending seller's shipping range" so that it is clear to all viewing the thread (especially mods) that you are asking if the seller doesn't mind shipping to whatever country, and that you are willing to pay his asking price. Period. If the seller says no, then you can update the thread and the seller can move on down the list.

  • Clarification on Dibs outside a seller's home country:
    Billybob sells a videocard. Both Jack (in another country) and Tom (in the seller's country) want the card:

    Scenario A:
    Jack calls dibs pending shipping range, Tom yells dibs shortly after Jack. The seller is supposed to give Jack priority in the sale. The seller can tell Jack "no, I won't ship to Jumanji, sorry" and then Tom is next in line. If Billybob tells Jack no, and then someone later in line is from Jumanji and Billybob suddenly changes his mind and says Jumanji is cool to ship to, he needs to call Jack and tell him what's going on and offer it to him first. If I find out that Billybob has played favortism and suddenly changed the location, I might want to have a chat with Billybob.

    Scenario B:
    Tom calls dibs and Jack calls it afterwards, pending shipping range. The seller is supposed to give Tom priority, and if Tom backs out, Jack is then next in line and Scenario A occurs.
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Regarding promises of pictures

The trend of folks posting and stating in PMs that they will post pics etc. at a certain time/date without following through is over.

As of now, anyone who posts or makes a statement via PM to a mod that they will do/post something at such-and-such time/date without following through will be barred from the Classifieds for no less than a month and the thread removed.

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The Classifieds mods reserve the right to Verify all seller's merchandise, we start the process with -PM sent for item verification-

Once we are satisfied the seller has the merchandise we edit the post to read -Item verified- or -Seller verified-

You can take a digital Pic, use a Scanner, take a regular photo and bring it to a copy center and for a dollar they will digitize it for you; a coin or something with your name and OCForums on it is required in the picture. Sometimes we will offer the option of calling the seller on the phone and getting their Phone number, Address and then compare it to known Troll hot-sheets we use. (This personal information is not shared, and remains in a 1024 bit encrypted database)

The whole point of putting something unique in the picture with the item is so we know that person has that particular object in their possession, and didn't just grab a picture off of Newegg or something.

The best thing to do is hand write your OC name and "OC-Forums" on something (piece of paper, old cd...). That sounds pretty simple, and is excellent to verify that the member actually has the item and that it looks like it does in the pic.

You can cross reference the SOLD section (I suggest you use the Search>Sellers name>SOLD)

For seller or buyers' Trading history, I strongly recommend you sign up for Heatware, and link it in your SIG. cooperates with Law enforcement and we take Trolls a little more seriously than most Forums.....If you're a Troll, you're definitely in the Wrong forum to be scamming people.

The Mods and Admins also work with Other Forums like and PCA to share data.(ALL INFORMATION USED IN VERIFICATION IS NOT SHARED WITH ANYONE)

We reserve the right to re-verify any member or piece of merchandise at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't we sell software or games here? I've got the box and key!
A: Because you can still easily pirate the game or use the key yourself. We do every possible thing we can to protect the buyer and seller, and allowing the sale of software would cause major problems. The only exception is a game(s) included as part of a retail hardware promotion such as included with a video card. You must show the promotional retail box and what games are included plus the game DVD's. You can't sell those games separately here.

Q: I have a console game I want to sell, and I'm selling the console, am I still not allowed to sell the game?
A: You may only sell games with their associated console, with the exception of cartridge based games (Atari, Nintendo, Sega, etc). PC Game sales are completely forbidden. You cannot sell a non-cartridge game under any circumstances without a console (PS3 game sells with a PS3, Wii game sells with a Wii, so on and so forth).

Q: I just got ripped off, what do I do?
A: PM a Classifieds moderator if you believe you may have been ripped off.

Q: I don't have any way to provide a picture of my item, and I don't have and can't get a verified Paypal address, can I still sell here?
A: In most cases, no, we verify every seller. In some cases, we have some other means of verification, but these are rare. Please contact a Classifieds mod if you need further assistance.

Q: Can I list my eBay auction in the Classifieds?
A: No, and you will be banned if you do so.

Q: I live in [country], so that makes it hard to deal with U.S. Classifieds sellers, why don't we have a [country] Classifieds forum?
A: It would be unfair to make a separate Classifieds for one country and not another. It would also be a moderating nightmare. If you want people from your country to see your ad more easily, you can put something such as: "Canadians, Radeon 9800 Pro for sale."

Q: I'm selling my entire computer, which forum do I sell it in?
A: You can sell it in Misc.

Q: I have a suggestion for the Classifieds, how do I make myself heard?
A: First, run a search in Classifieds Comments and Suggestions to see if your idea has been discussed before. If it hasn't, you can make your own thread in Comments and Suggestions. Mods frequently check this forum, and many members can answer questions.

Q: I want to auction something, can I do that?
A: No, that's what eBay is for.

Q: I have a lot of great eBay feedback, can that be used for verification?
A: No.

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Trading Guidelines, Tips, and Etiquette

  1. Be honest, be honest, be honest. Enhance this with total clarity and be sure the other trader(s) have the same understanding of a dealís particulars.

  2. Clearly represent your exact product or offering, be sure to include any cosmetic or functional problems. Check your thread for responses frequently or let others know how best to contact you.

  3. Make sure any item you ship is well packaged and preferably use a shipping means which carries insurance and tracking. Some shipping tips:
    a - Always use order confirmation when sending via USPS. For any item sent via Priority Mail it is only .40 cents. That way you can always see when the item has been delivered. Include a card of some sort listing the senderís and recipientís address information INSIDE the package

    b - Use anti-static packaging to contain any sensitive computer parts.

    c - When sending breakable items, use plenty of good padding on each side.

    d - Use block caps in addresses, avoid punctuation, and leave 2 spaces between state and zip code. Use a ZIP+4 code whenever possible.
  4. There are NO excuses for being late or unable to fulfill a deal. Occasionally, there might be a legitimate REASON, but never an excuse.

  5. Please ship via trackable carrier. If a paypal dispute is created by the buyer and you cannot provide proof of shipping and of delivery, you WILL lose the dispute. The saving of a few cents is not worth the potential headache of a shipment that is not trackable - updated 4/7/2011

  6. Ship to the Paypal Address of the buyer. If you do not ship to the paypal address, this can also negate seller protection; always ship to the paypal "verified" address. [Paypal User Agreement Section 11] - updated 4/7/2011

  7. Always honor your word.

  8. Post a price for the item(s) you may be selling. This is not an auction site! Further, should someone meet your asking price or trade offer, you are obliged to make the deal and not quibble for more.

  9. Promptly communicate with the other party at the different stages of the deal, i.e. when the money is received, when you ship the package, and a follow-up email to see if the trade is satisfactory. IT IS A VERY GOOD IDEA to use the same email by just replying each time. Be sure to identify yourself from the start with your Username, and your real name. This avoids a lot of confusion.

  10. Trader references for many can be found at Heatware Check to see if the person you are trading with is listed and read any feedback. In addition to the HeatWare ratings check you should ask for references, use the search>classifieds>SOLD to check other posts by the trader, check with other reputable traders for additional info. Trust your gut instinct on close calls. Once you complete a trade, add your feedback to HeatWare and post a comment in the Sold section so others might benefit from your experience. Post the bad as well as the good!

  11. Get a phone number, and talk to them over the phone (if needed). Itís a lot harder to be taken advantage of when you have their phone number, and it also makes it easier to find a person that violates.

  12. Please, update your thread when an item is gone and state to whom it went.

  13. Stick to the terms of the Deal!!! Avoid becoming a trader that gets involved in misunderstandings. Donít try to do so many trades that you cannot give proper attention to each deal.

  14. Make a printed copy of the deal and save it until the transaction is complete. This will prevent confusion and prevent the problem of lost information due to a crashed system.

  15. If youíre going put up a WTB thread, be prepared to pay a little more.

  16. If you make an offer of goods or cash, be positive you will be able to deliver same in a timely manner within the framework of the deal. Postponed delivery of any cash or goods should be arranged on the frontside of the deal, not after one party has shipped!

  17. Try to conduct yourselves as gentlemen and ladies here. If you have no interest in purchasing an item someone is selling, do not interfere with the sale by posting ridicule or derogatory remarks.

  18. In line with the above, TRY VERY HARD to resolve any issues relevant to your trades away from this board and preferably by PM or email. Occasionally, things can happen beyond oneís control which might cause suspicion or misunderstanding. Please donít have an itchy finger when you suspect a misdeed. Make every effort to resolve the issue by confidential communications before decrying the situation publicly!! Misunderstandings posted on the board can cause undeserved damage to BOTH tradersí credibility.

  19. MARK YOUR ITEM WITH A BLACK LIGHT PEN, This will alleviate any switching from a dishonest buyer swapping your functional item with their DEAD item that's the same.

  20. *No Dealers are allowed / No commercial ads

    *Vendors that are advertisers at this site may use the Classifieds.

  21. Only post your item for sale once. Update your post with the ďeditĒ button if necessary. Multiple For Sale threads will be merged, and multiple infractions of this may result in a vacation from the Classifieds.

  22. You must post a price, unless itís a ďTrade OnlyĒ in which case you must state your terms for a trade. All trade only items should be placed in the Wanted section.

  23. Do us all a favor and say where you will ship, so we can avoid, ďWill you ship to Canada, etc.Ē

  24. When the Item sells please mark the thread as sold, and move the thread to the Sold forum. Do not delete the text or selling prices in your first post, simply put SOLD at the very top, then move it to Sold.

  25. If a price is agreed upon by both parties the item is sold, and money should exchange hands with in 24 hours, unless other terms were agreed upon.

  26. Send the entire payment at once. If you send multiple payments for an item, this negates buyer protection for the sale. [Paypal User Agreement Section 13.2] - updated 4/7/2011

  27. Do not back out of a purchase, for any reason. You made the deal, now keep your word.
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In Closing

Questions may be sent to any of the Classifieds mods, or posted in Classifieds Comments and Suggestions. Anything in this thread can be fully enforced as a rule at any time. All rules are subject to change without notice.

Active Mods are listed here in Staff Status thread.

By posting in this Forum you agree that you have read and understand the rules as set forth above. Violations will not be tolerated!

Thanks, Forum Management

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