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  1. Tec Psu
  2. TEC w/switch setup?
  3. Will i need a radiator in my minifridge setup?
  4. mystery pelt here.... help solve the mystery!!!
  5. mystery pelt here.... help solve the mystery!!!
  6. what do u guys think?
  7. Couple questions about Pelts...
  8. Minifridge phase change cooling
  9. refrifgerated cooling need to "cool down" prior to boot?
  10. Pelt with SLK-900? Need help Shopping
  11. Mean Well S-240 or S-201 power supply?
  12. Prometiea Socket A mounting tips: too hot?
  13. Knockin on extreme's door
  14. Vantec VT-VP4-C7040 AeroFlow vs Thermaltake P4 Spark 7
  15. Can +12 and +3.3 make +8.7V?
  16. Prometia or Vapochill?
  17. swiftech GPU block + tec.
  18. VariablePC peltier controller
  19. Chip-con Releases the New Prometeia Mach II
  20. CPU Burn Temp for a P4 Northwoods?
  21. low end peltier
  22. 1,1-Difluroethane as a coolent
  23. n00b to peltiers
  24. Where do i get cheap Vapo?
  25. choosing a pelt
  26. Finally chilled!
  27. Hello all, back again
  28. dehumidifier
  29. Anyone getting good result with TEC?
  30. HEHE, Got a waterfountain
  31. Phase Changing cooling in Toronto?
  32. To make an awesome Phase-changer...
  33. How to stay right at ambient?
  34. neoprene and dielectric grease questions.
  35. Can i mod my maze 3 for evaporater?
  36. 24v pelt running at 12v what hit will it take on performance?
  37. A few questions about Vapochill
  38. water in phase change?
  39. TEC on my 9800Pro
  40. air conditioning??
  41. vapochill questions
  42. Extreme cooling's price vs. cpu trends
  43. need some help with pelts
  44. Condensation question
  45. How to connect a MCW500o-PT to a Meanwell S320 Power supply?
  46. can someone give us a quick overview on what a Peltier is
  47. condensation
  48. gonna pelt the P1
  49. anyone know where to get a vapochill PE or prometeia?
  50. 2 tec
  51. Switch Circuit & Program for Fridge
  52. New to peltier.....
  53. lookee what I just got
  54. Looks great for a w/c system!
  55. Peltier sandwich
  56. Worth it?
  57. idea on condensation
  58. Thermaltake SubZero4G thermo-electric cooling
  59. What to gut... what to gut..
  60. i gotta big ol compressor
  61. TEC good?
  62. which peltier
  63. peltier question
  64. whoopsie
  65. 226W peltier or Vapochill
  66. results ne one?
  67. 73 watt Peltier?
  68. how to seal my socket A
  69. why do new CPU's burn?
  70. Thinking of Diving In
  71. 101 on peltiers
  72. Psu
  73. question about temps
  74. powering a peltier question
  75. can some one explanin this to me
  76. Gotta Read This!!!
  77. How to attach cold plate to pelt to waterblock at high pressure?
  78. Recycle this baby?
  79. PSU for TEC setup...
  80. freon in a WC setup
  81. Freezer or dehumidifier?
  82. Parellel connecting?
  83. Shutting down you TEC PSU
  84. Whats the best Peltier unit?
  85. VapoChill?
  86. Need advices on TEC PUS
  87. what type of cooling is best?
  88. Peltier no work?
  89. Compressors
  90. Series or Parallel?
  91. Super Cooling: Phase Change + TEC
  92. Need new hardware monitor
  93. Best place to buy TECs?
  94. need help on a watercooling setup
  95. Can Anyone Post me some pics of thier VapoChill?
  96. A guide on making a phase change cooling system?
  97. Vapochill addons?
  98. Getting Everything Together for a New Comp
  99. Masterflux Compressors
  100. Is a 60W Peltier big enough to chill a P4?
  101. Mach II - no reviews?!?
  102. Watercooled PC in Car!
  103. Is the neoprene cpu shim necessary for chilled water cooling?
  104. water chilling idea
  105. Can you use a AC compressor insted of a fridge compressor?
  106. Prometia and Phase Change
  107. Prometeia mach 2?
  108. Chill Northbridge with pelt...
  109. I Am New To This - Swiftech Mcx4000-t
  110. What could these be used for?
  111. need help picking out a peltier
  112. think i could use this?
  113. can this be done ...
  114. Using the chiller off a watercooler?
  115. Figured out what i am ganna do :)
  116. Question about peltier in XPC
  117. Now does any one know where i can buy some R-134a refridgerant?
  118. Chipcon Mach II
  119. where can i get a peltier power supply?
  120. can the chevette heatercore be used as an evap?
  121. phase change guide?
  122. basic guide to pelt coolin
  123. Frigen my pc....need some advice
  124. direct-die phase change?
  125. Taking apart mini fridge Help!
  126. Fridge Compressor Pics
  127. swiftechs MCX462+T thermal electric hsk
  128. -{phase change and noise}-
  129. $50 chiller for you guys!!
  130. Chiller Use
  131. condensation...
  132. Phase-change.com guide?
  133. condensation idea
  134. Quick question about dry ice
  135. r22
  136. Quick electric question..
  137. what is phase change?
  138. Socket Insulation
  139. how do you seal a fridge?
  140. How to repair hole in condensor line?
  141. Phase change systems cool your CPU, but what about vid card, chipset, HDD, ect?
  142. How to use phase change system?
  143. NEWBIE Peltier advice column
  144. What do you think? AC Unit for chiller
  145. sparkling springs water chiller for cooler
  146. dry ice pit project
  147. cheap compressors?
  148. DD vid TEC
  149. Chi-Con chillers
  150. would this work?
  151. shim question
  152. need help with TEC questions
  153. Is it worth phase changing this system??
  154. Different types of Neoprene
  155. Watercooling with@tech
  156. Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It F
  157. to much heat on wires
  158. Biulding a water chiller need a little help please :)
  159. How Do I size a compressor
  160. Indepth
  161. Taking apart the $50 chiller
  162. Help with pelt and extra psu.
  163. Finally got a free compressor but is it too big??
  164. Peltier stacking or more power
  165. Why not use the ATX 12V power lead for a Pelt?
  166. dehumidifier question
  167. sandblasted Heatsinks
  168. MCW5000-PT an Tygon doesnt work??? Getting mad...
  169. Help identifying compressor, and usefullness of it.
  170. Peltier with Volcano7+ HSF?
  171. $50 chiller questions...
  172. Pelt for me?
  173. overvolting a TEC?
  174. Igloo water chiller
  175. The most extreme cooling?
  176. One bad compressor!
  177. is this PSU enough for a TEC?
  178. 16watt pelt go0d for ... ???
  179. fridge pc
  180. Air Conditioner as chiller
  181. 11 Fans
  182. When ram sinks are just not enough
  183. What Thermal Interfaceing Material do u use bellow -40?
  184. Is there a spray you can buy to prevent condensation on a Cpu or Gpu?
  185. powering the MCW-50t
  186. Pelt...
  187. Just chillen
  188. TEC block
  189. What if my pelt hotside is cooled at -60c what will the coldside temp be???Look
  190. Dead Vapo to TEC... how's this look?
  191. somebody please explain me how do peltiers work?
  192. Hello there, new rig.
  193. Is this a good deal on a Prommy?
  194. Whats needed for phase changing?
  195. Promiteia or Mach II? Worth my extra $400?
  196. Top of water block condensation
  197. liquids
  198. A word to the wise... lost $380.
  199. Where do I buy these???
  200. Mickey-mouse guide to phase-change
  201. Asetek releases Vapochill Extreme Edition (XE) system
  202. Another Mini Fridge Question!
  203. Prometeia on IC7
  204. meanwell s-240-24
  205. Newbie to Vapochill...
  206. Peltier vs Waterpump
  207. Wall A/C unit powering question
  208. Able to Upgrade My Water Cooling With Peltier For $100?
  209. Peltier System pics
  210. How Much for Peltier Upgrade?
  211. Heatsink question
  212. Anyone know a power supply for a pelt that will fit in a CD-ROM bay?
  213. Coldplate question
  214. fans on both side of radiator
  215. Old AC Question
  216. The Ultimate TEC PSU
  217. Extreme Extreme Cooling Setup
  218. first attempt at peltiers...
  219. the wattagIs there anyway to tell e of an unmarked Pelt?
  220. mom said it's okay! ...what to do now?
  221. Chilled water Dualie fedex box
  222. Need a push in the right direction
  223. Does the Swiftech MCW-50 fit on the 9800pro?
  224. does anybody know whatg store sells...
  225. Question on Phase change systems...
  226. How much does it cost to run a Promethia?
  227. Computer refrigerator
  228. Prometiea Price Drop in effect-$450 Now.
  229. Second water block ?
  230. New Enermax PSU
  231. A/C maintanence... (long)
  232. "Active" Radiator?
  233. Can I paint a compressor?
  234. Tech Drawings of Prometeia
  235. Need help debugging condensation
  236. psu,pelt,what else?
  237. Fans in a Prommie
  238. Need some advice
  239. i need to fight the heat!
  240. pelt on the north bridge? suggestions
  241. would this pump be of any use?
  242. Get the heat OUT
  243. Is a peltier water chiller a dead idea?
  244. Lithium/sodium/potassium as a TIM?
  245. Litle cooler box
  246. Vapochill new Case Cooler
  247. Peltier PSU retailer idea in the works
  248. How Steady is your Meanwell PSU?
  249. Let's Build Phase Change Cooling Systems
  250. Peltier Heatsink cooling