View Full Version : 1066RDram expirences??

07-26-02, 09:53 AM
Ok today's payday and considering getting 512 1066 rdram cause i know my ram now is limiting my o/c.
Some questions

1. Which is better Kingston or Samsung 1066? (are there any other makers right now)

2. Anyone out there go from 800 to 1066 and have good expirences with it?

3. Would the Abit TH7-II (maybe raid) be a good choice to go with this ram?

Thanks guys i dont want to shell out 140 bucks a stick and get hosed cause the stuff doesnt help at all, ya know?

Anyone having ANY expirence with 1066 please reply

07-26-02, 10:41 AM
I've heard a number of problems with Kingston PC1066. Specifically there has been issues with Kingston working in the TH7-II. I would recommend Samsung, Corsair, or Mushkin.

07-26-02, 06:12 PM
I know Cosair hasnt realeased 1066 yet, gonna go check mushkin

07-26-02, 06:17 PM
i went to mushkin's website, and i looked at the 1066 ram and it showed a picture of kingston ram:eh?: :eh?: whats that all about?? also the stuff is 190 bucks a stick :eek: :eek:
i'de rather take the 400 bucks and buy a faster CPU and just use the ram i have now :D

07-26-02, 06:55 PM
I also have a P4 1.6A. It's on an Abit TH7II mobo w/ 2x 256Mb Samsung 16 device pc800 sticks. I've run it at fsb 133 w/ memory at 400 which equals 1066. No problems! I've also tried 150 fsb w/mem at 300. Ran OK also. I tried going slowly up to 166 fsb, but over 160 It wouldn't even post. Had v-core at 1.75. I might try v-core at 1.80 or1.85, but I think I've about reached the limits of this cpu. this is all with stock hsf also. I don' think it's doing badly at all! I hope this infoo helps! -Dave

07-27-02, 07:24 AM
just look at my sig. my PC800 is running at 1104mhz beyond the 1066.

07-30-02, 09:39 PM
seems samsung ram is kickass, but is 1066 still oceable that high???