View Full Version : Unoverclocked computer running too hot.

01-07-01, 03:49 PM
I have an AMD T-brid at 700 mhz, on an fic az11, with an amd approved fan/heatsink, a fan in front, and a fan in back of the case, yet my computer freezes frequently during games. I have a 250 watt power supply, and I was wondering if that is insufficient. Would a 300 help?

Allan Nielsen
01-07-01, 05:38 PM
The chances are good that you need another PSU (Power Supply Unit), and a 300w is the way to go. I think that would stop most of the crashes! What videocard are you using? And is the computer stable in your OS?

Not much more to say, really.

Oh yeah, btw:
To stop the last crashes, you need to get a P3!

(I'm just kidding, so all you AMD fans don't have to flood my mail telling me all the "good" things about AMD!) :)