View Full Version : Powering the pelt.

01-12-01, 07:45 AM
Today I got my 85W Peltier and I just had to try it out! ;D
I checked my old computer junk and I found 2 old AT PSU's:

1. DTK Computer / Model: PTP-2007
200W (+5V 20A, +12V 8A, -5V 0.3A, -12V 0.3A)

2. CODEGEN / Model: 200S
200W (+5V 20A, +12V 8A, -5V 0.5A, -12V 0.5A)

I knew that I had to find the hot/cold side of the peltier so
I hooked it up with the DTK psu, to my surprise it failed
to start, but I could hear the fan spin slowly. Not enough
leetness in the PSU? :-o Without the peltier it seems to work alright (haven't tried it with any units)

Then I changed to the CODEGEN psu and switched the powerbutton.
"Hey! I feel a difference!" (having one finger on each side of the peltier)

"Yiiiiaaaiks! ITS HOT!" }>
Of course I knew it was going to be hot but not THAT fast! ^_^

What if I used the CODEGEN psu to power the drives(2 hdds,1 cd,1 dvd, 1 cdrw, 1 floppy) and used my Enermax 330W to power the mobo, the peltier, and my fans(2*120mm,80mm)?

I don't think a drive failure is as catastrophic as peltier one(frying the p3?).