View Full Version : My latest project

08-01-02, 12:21 AM
Im going to be making a resiviour for my WC system, but I also want to get some better temps out of it. I want to try sticking a pelt on a metal res :D

Iv got a few quetsions on how to do this, though.
First, what metal should I use? Im thinking that copper and aluminum are the best bets, with copper comming out a bit ahead. Are the prices on those two going to be very different?

What thickness would be good for the res? Im thinking 1/2" at very most, but Im the n00b here ;).

Im thinking that a 3x4x3 (w,l,h) would be good size....think I should go bigger? How much metal should I buy for an undertaking like that?

Its going to be fun welding this stuff too :D...unless you can think of a better way...

Thats all the questions Iv come up with SO far, but Im sure I can get more ;).