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Johnny Knoxville
08-31-02, 10:31 AM
Netscape 7 kicks ass :cool:, if you don't believe me try it.
The only "problem" i have is that in the post new thread (or reply in thread) window the message box where you write a new message is quite narrow, much narrower than in Internet Explorer.
Can you possible make this a little wider for us Netscape users?

08-31-02, 01:13 PM
It does the same in Mozilla 1.0 and Galeon. I suppose we'll just have to live with it: its more to do with how Gecko renders HTML than with how the pages are procesed.


08-31-02, 08:59 PM
True, the message reply box is narrower, but that shouldn't detract from the quality of the post typed in it.....

Mozilla 1.1 is the way forward, rather than that AOL-riddled N7....