View Full Version : 60mm fan with even # of blades?

10-25-02, 04:10 PM
Anyone have (or seen) a decent 60mm fan with either four, six, or eight blades? I'm looking to run it in a dielectric liquid - which is rather thicker then air - so I want to cut some blades off. All the fans seem to have seven blades, which makes keeping a balanced roatating assembly impossible once you start lopping blades off.

- JW

10-25-02, 10:53 PM
Really this is more just to be an ass and argue...

Even number of blades dosn't matter, just file them down in size instead oflopping them off. Also try looking through some R/C Airplane rescources and you can just cut your own.

Technically the most EFFICIENT prop is one bladed with a counterwieght.