View Full Version : Maxlines Plus II? And U320 Question

11-24-02, 12:44 PM
My situations getting pretty desperate now, I really have to upgrade my mass storage soon.

Currently I'm running a single 80Gb D740, and an old SCSI RAID array (2x 18Gb Quantum Atlas 10K RAID-1 on a Adaptec ASR-3200). I'm waiting for the Intel E7505/Placer boards to hit mainstream in a month or so and aiming for a total upgrade then.

OK, the important mass storage question first (need to buy this nowish, cant wait for my new system) :

Has anyone seen the Maxtor 7200 Ultra, or the Maxline Plus II (im really looking for the 250gb) for sale in the UK/Europe? Anyone know how long a wait before we see them?

Part 2 - If its going to be january before these drives crop up here, I'll have to buy now. In that case, I want to buy a couple of cheap 120Gb drives to hold me over in the mean time. The Maxtor DM+9 and Seagate CudaV are both 120 inc VAT, while the WD 120 is 135(146 for 8mb) inc VAT. These will only be used to hold ver large images/3d files, media files and MP3's, so I don't think I really need the 8mb cache ver, esp since its only gona be a hold over drive - but which one to go for? Looking for recommendations.

The SCSI question. These new Placer boards have U320 onboard and support ZCR, my question is what SCSI drive to go for (RAID-1)? The Seagate Cheetah 10.6 36Gb is the same price as the 15.3 18Gb - space over performance or vice versa? (It's only going to be used for Windows, programs and scratch disk) Also, anyone seen the Adaptec ZCR card in the UK/Eur.

So in summary :P

1) Maxtor 7200 Ultra/Maxline - when in the UK/Eur?
2) Which 120Gb 2mb to go for in the mean time?
3) 10.6 36 or 15.3 18?
4) Adaptec ZCR in the UK/Eur?

Thank you for actually reading this far, much appreciated :D