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12-18-02, 05:41 AM

i am looking for a new motherboard. I do not want to sepnd much on it at all. I blew my old P3 600mhz mothebroard and now need to get a new case, motherboard and cpu (with HSF)! because they do not supply the secc2 slot 1 types anymore!

So please reccomend a very cheap motherbiard and cpu (with HSF) doesnt have to be fast, around (maybe under 1ghz)



12-18-02, 07:52 AM
If you have some PC133 Ram around,

MSI 694T
Celeron 1.1a

$110 total from Newegg, o/c to around 1.5GHz easily

12-18-02, 11:27 AM

i have some 256 Ram, sd-ram i think.

Im in the uk, so any good uk sites would be good! or that ship to uk for little.

I need some more suggestions - thanks by the way 4 the one u gave me,

If i got that combo would that mean i could put it into my current P3 600mhz machine. Its a tiny machine (not size but make)

cause if i get an amd processor and mboard i imagine i am gonna have to get a whole new case, which ups the price by about 40!