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01-11-03, 10:01 AM
I am looking for some good kde themes. So far, I have looked at kdelook.org and freshmeat.net. But the lack of themes is amazing. On freshmeat, the current count for kde 3 themes: 7. that's it. I am currently using a pretty nice Kde2 theme called Dark and Cloudy. I'm not sure if the KDE 1 themes will still even work with KDE 3 so I haven't even tried those at all.

So, where are all the themes? Am I missing something?

01-12-03, 10:46 AM
My personal opinion, KDE doesn't have a decent theme.

01-12-03, 05:48 PM
I kind of figured that part out. After I posted, I spent some time making it look semi-decent. First, I changed the window decoration to icevm and got some good themes. Then got some color schemes and new icons. Looks acceptable now.

There is one thing I cannot figure out how to do though. How to do I get GTK themes working. I want to get some cool window styles (different than window decoration and themes) and from what I've heard, all you have to do is go to the kde control center > look and feel > style > and click the "import gtk theme" button. Well, there is no import theme button. Anyone know what to do?

01-12-03, 05:57 PM
Poly knows his stuff. :)

01-12-03, 08:16 PM
I don't use KDE so I don't know about the GTK themes part.

If you're trying to get a cool looking desktop why don't you use a manager that was built with looking cool in mind. I think gnome is the coolest looking desktop available.

01-13-03, 06:04 PM
I played with gnome for a little bit. I just don't like the interface as much as KDE. I agree though, Gnome looks very nice.

01-16-03, 12:57 AM
KDE is very newbie friendly. GNOME is also feature rich. I'll have to try gnome out some more next time I fire up Knoppix. Gnome allows you to use the KDE3 tools/menu in Knoppix.

Edit: GNOME keeps crashing and fails to load applet in knoppix. It's back to KDE3 default until the next version of knoppix or a permanent Linux installation. :(