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01-20-03, 09:46 AM
Ive been thinkin about this and the possible constructions of such a WB.
Anyone tryed something like this?
And would it be worth it OC wise?
Ive got a few idea's id like to try. Just gotta get my hands on some cnc machines =P.
I live next to my old school..im gonna go talk to my old shop teacher there. I actually have grades in both CNC and welding. And some other fine metal processing stuff.
Gotta sketch some idea's tonight and run em by the teacher.

01-20-03, 09:49 AM
I think it may be overkill right now. do you see an improvement in maximum FSB when you attach aircooled Heatsinks and a fan? (I would try that first before making a WB.)

01-20-03, 09:49 AM
you mean for ram, not gfx card ram? that would not get you anywere, I know active cooling it doesnt do much.... or maybe even anything, but someone else should confurm this............

01-20-03, 10:25 AM
ive heard that watercooling the ram does not help much. at least it did not help my friend to get another Mhz out of his system.
one thing worth while is watercooling your GFx card's ram. that way u get a better and more stable overclock out of your gcard.

01-20-03, 01:46 PM
Ok well i guess i could build something like that then.
Just got this huge urge to put my knowledge to the test.
Gonna make a chipset WB first. Then the gf4 block.

01-20-03, 03:01 PM
Look, I'm sorry, the Rams didn't make it to the superbowl. That isn't going to change regardless of their load temp.

Stondedly imagining a football team with Tygon tubes coming out of all of their helmets connected in series to a gigantic pump, pumping out amphetamines....


01-21-03, 03:05 AM
now that's pretty funny, Xero!:D