View Full Version : Recommend me an ATi!

01-21-03, 11:24 AM
Which card(s) would give me the best bang for buck??

I got a budget of around the same as a Ti4200 over there in the states (95 - 135 here), cheaper if anything.

any help much appreciated!


Johnny Knoxville
01-21-03, 11:36 AM
I saw a ATI Radeon 9500 for 130, that would be far better than a 4200
http://www.microdirect.co.uk/default2.asp 135 on the front page, pretty good deal it runs out soon.

01-21-03, 11:46 AM
i was lookin 4 summit less than 100 really.... whats the 128Mb 9000 Pro like <- its only 75


01-21-03, 11:47 AM
where u get ur $30 9700 Pro?

EDIT ** Or shouldnt i ask **

Johnny Knoxville
01-21-03, 12:02 PM
Originally posted by CheekyChava
where u get ur $30 9700 Pro?

EDIT ** Or shouldnt i ask **

;), american site send me the wrong card :D

01-21-03, 12:07 PM
how good is the 9000 128mb card for 75?

Johnny Knoxville
01-21-03, 12:59 PM
i don't recommend the 9000, find a 8500 or 8500LE 128MB, they're better. Either that or a Geforce 4200.

01-21-03, 02:19 PM
i was goin to get a ti4200, but dont have enough cash at the mo... unless u kno sumwhere really cheap, i think i'l leave it 4 a while

cheers, paul.

01-21-03, 03:37 PM
I think the best bang for the buck out there right now is the Radeon 8500... at least in the states. Very good card, can handle any game available and quite cheap at less than $100.00 US.

01-21-03, 09:06 PM
yep see if you can find a cheap 8500

you can get some nice ones on ebay, for example look at this one for 50 pounds auctions ends in an hour: