View Full Version : Need help in choosing a water cooling kit

02-16-03, 04:28 PM
Hullo, i have decided to get into water cooling, and i really liked this kit from thermaltake, aquarius 2. I have read some threads here about it, like not being that good, but i really liked that 12V DC pump, that doesnt require external power supply, so no worries of my mom or bro forgetting turning it on when using the pc. I have a p4 2.8 (default) and i was wondering if it can reach speeds around 3.2 - 3.3 with water cooling. Whats the diff in having a cpu @ 3.3ghz @ 53C and a cpu with the same clock but @ 30C? If i get this kit, and replace its radiator and fan with a 120mm radiator from maxxxpert and a 120mm fan, will these changes improve the kits performance? This radiator is the one used in the innovatek kit aswell. One last question, due to the low pumping ability of the 12V DC pump, if i use a water block from innovatek to cool my radeon 9700, will this reduce the effectivness of the kit in general? i mean will it reduce the flow more resulting in higher cpu temps as well?

Sorry for the silly/noob questions but i need to get this straight, if i can get the same performance of this kit from thermaltake with air cooling, since noise doesnt really bother me. Am aiming in an increase of around 500mhz:cool:

thanks and sorry again for the long post