View Full Version : more nforce 2 boards coming, when?

03-02-03, 02:42 PM
when will more high end boards come out, i know about the msi, and that looks like my best choice right now, but will more boards be coming out soon with even more features, like are manufactures planning on making the "silver" editions or w/e that have all of the chipset features like 2ethernet ports and igp, and mcp - t

i know it seems demanding but im just wondering its not a big deal that i get all the features i want, and also ive read at xbitlabs that the next nforce "coming out" (we know how nvidia is always late) this summer with a geforce fx built in to the nb, will they be on time, and is it worth the wait???

03-02-03, 06:29 PM
check out the Soltek SL-75FRNL

03-02-03, 06:53 PM
if it comes out that soon it would be worth the wait for me... then illhave money from summer job...

i think some companies have release a kind of second edition Nforce2 that has some other features...