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03-05-03, 07:38 AM
What do people use in the front blowhole like this.Is it pvc pipe or something?http://metku.net/modgallery/images/433_1.jpg

Crazy Jayhawk
03-05-03, 07:49 AM
That looks like a mod I saw once where someone took a large kitchen funnel ($.50) and cut it down so that at its narrowest point it fit the fan perfectly. That looks like another funnel, this time painted gold.

03-05-03, 09:27 AM
Did the same mod. Properly painted it looks really great. You can even go with smaller funnels, because it doesn't really make a mentionable difference in airflow. I picked up 1 3-pack of funnels in an auto parts store for the job.

03-05-03, 09:32 AM
i agree with Crazy there... i do like that window too:D

03-05-03, 03:16 PM
I'll be going to the auto store and get some funnels and some spray paint, BTW I'm going to be using a 120mm fan.

03-05-03, 05:39 PM
Crazy ~
Click Here (http://www.2cooltek.com/case103_5.html)

03-05-03, 07:01 PM
Thanks for that link there.

03-05-03, 08:20 PM
some people are using "base box tuning tubes" you might beable to get them from a auto-stereo store, on mine i just used a piece of 4 inch pvc, that i cut to the right size, and since i jb-welded it on and then smothed it out with a dremile before the paint went on it looks like it is all one piece. ;D

03-05-03, 08:26 PM
I thought about using the tuning tubes but I rather got to the dollar store and buy a funnel.

03-05-03, 08:42 PM
if it is cheap and it works, i am all for it, i had the pipe and jb-weld so my setup was free, and you cant beat that :D

03-05-03, 09:00 PM
Well arent you lucky.:D