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03-13-03, 07:00 PM
I have a personaly modded volcano6 (dual fans, stays cool to the touch) and want to get a peltier, but will i need anything else? Also, how much of an improvement would i get in my temps? I have a 1600+, and a 350 watt psu.

03-13-03, 08:27 PM
I am not thinkin that that fan will come even close to good enough for the peltier you would need. In fact, unless you want a leafblower in your case, you really need to go water for pelts. You are going to need a separate power supply for the pelt ( a real power supply, not a computer power supply) and you will need to insulate it against condensation with neprene.
Temp improvement will depend on how powerful the pelt is and how well the system is implemented. Expect to see temps in the teens.

03-13-03, 08:32 PM
As he said, water is a prerequisite...

You can get the psu's you need sometimes on ebay for cheaper than what you will find for new power supplies of this sort... for a 226 watt TEC you need a power supply that can put out 12-15 volts and ~21-25 amps depending on voltage supplied.

Ct. Strangelove
03-14-03, 12:30 PM

not to be a smart ass but try the "search" button. and just read up on pelts. there is just so much info. And the bigger problem is that a good tec system could cost $150 +


03-14-03, 02:49 PM
yup. air tec cooling really doesn't work, and won't wok at all with anything other than a swiftech heatsink and a tornado