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04-26-03, 03:49 AM

I'm looking for some tools to modify bios. I've tried AWDHack with Modbin, but modbin wont extract my bios (checksum error). Now I wonder if there are any newer tools like AWDHack+Modbin that works on newer Award bioses, like the BD7II-bios?

I'm not looking for a "change logo"-tool, I want the ASM-code for the bios.


04-28-03, 10:43 AM
I don't have all the links at the moment, but you might wanna try modbin6.exe (The corresponding program for Award BIOS version 6.0 is often called modbin6.exe. I have found the version 1.00.12, 1.00.37 and 1.00.38 on the web).
Modbin.exe versions 4.50.60, 4.50.75 and 4.50.77 are for modifying Award BIOS version 4.X

Ctmc.exe (http://www.heise.de/ct), Another DOS application. The archive ctmc10.zip (ftp://ftp.heise.de/pub/ct/ctsi/ctmc10.zip) contains another couple of tools, namely splitawd.exe and lha255e.exe which together can extract all files from a BIOS ROM into a temporary directory.

Taken from Martin's BIOS Modding Guide (http://www.froggy.com.au/frogge/pepper/bmreport1.html).

You could also have a look at Wim's BIOS (http://www.wimsbios.com/) and ROM.by (http://www.rom.by)(In Russian).

Hope that helped.

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