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07-05-01, 01:01 PM
Hello guys,
7 days ago I bought Tyan S1854 Trinity 400 from directron.com. I decided on this mobo 'cause it supports both slot1 and sockets CPUs.

So I installed slot1 p3 450 cpu, 128 PC133 no-name brand ram, ATI xpert 98 pci video card, set the jumpers to P3 450 speed. When I turned it on there was no POST screen or any beeps, only cpu fans were working.
So far I did not install HD, CD-rom or floppy drive. I don't think that these should really matter if I just wanna see the POST screen?
If anybody has expirience with tyan mobos or knows anything about that problem please let me know,
I greatly appreciate your effort!

Shadow рс
07-05-01, 02:21 PM
there were 2 different versions of that board. One had a jumper for selecting Slot 1 or Soclet 370. The jumper is up by the Keyboard/PS2 connector.

That's a rock solid board, but they are rather fragile. I've RMA'd one board 3 times from moving it from case to case or changing processors. Careful with it.

07-05-01, 04:04 PM
Hey man thanks for reply, the manual was actually saying the same thing and I check the board, it didn't have jumper to set CPU type, so I guess it is automatic.

Also is it enough just cpu, memory and video card in order to get the POST screen?

... and what do you mean fragile - I did not damage it or anything, also it looked like it was tested once or something because holes for screws looked like used before.
I hate to think that it was damaged before it arrived to me.

Thank you

Shadow рс
07-05-01, 04:46 PM
yes, if there is no jumper it's automatic.

Memory (preferably 1 stick) and vid card alone should get it to boot. If all else fails, place the mobo on a table out of the case and give it one last try. It's possible the board is grounded out somewhere on the case, and this would keep it from booting.

The board is fragile as I said as I have had 3 go bad. One had a PS2 port just quit........no reason. The other just died. Again no reason. I also had one I purchased brand new that was DOA. A local shop to me sells these boards fairly cheap and they are a good "all around" board for non tweakers.

Have you tested the memory, processor and vid card in another system to be sure they work?

Tested.....hmm.......when they are tested from the mfg, they are not mounted. You shouldn't see any screw marks near the mounting holes on the board if this is supposed to be a new board.

11-05-01, 01:04 AM
just readin over some of these .. don't know if n e 1 will ever read this..lol....

with my trinity 400... ATLEAST 1 STICK of ram has to be UNBUFFERED!!.. or it will not post.. it sais that in my book.... read the whole manual.. it might say...