View Full Version : Athlon on A7V no boot after Pencil

12-18-00, 06:53 PM

I tried the pencil trick on my athlon 900mhz, and when I tried too boot I wouldn't.... at all. Then I wiped the pencil marks of and it booted fine... Why is that?

And does anyone have problems with the Asus manual regarding the dipswitch settings?

Help would be greatly appreciated


12-18-00, 08:34 PM
You have probably not done the pencil trick properly, you should be careful not to interconnect the L1 bridges, but make sure each bridge is connected.

Good luck.

12-18-00, 08:35 PM
just keep doing the pencil trick

it took me a few times before it worked

12-19-00, 06:20 AM
Use a higher lead content pencil. If you used a 'soft' pencil then there's more chance of crossing the bridges. I used a 5H and it worked no probs.