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12-20-00, 06:32 AM

I'm having problems overclocking my Duron 600.
If I raise the fsb any higher than 110 mhz, my pc crashes. I use SoftFSB to do this. When I use the 110 mhz FSB and then I reboot, I just get a black screen. I tried raising the voltage to 1.65 V, but this didn't help either.
I also tried the trick of connecting the L1 bridges, but it didn't work. I set the multiplier to 6.5 but it just booted at 600Mhz. I tried it with 2 different pencils but that didn't help.
I'm quite frustrated that I can only run my Duron @ 660 Mhz without being able to reboot while you guys seem to go to 900Mhz without any apparent problems.

My system:
AMD Duron 600 Mhz
PC 133 RAM
GeForce 256 (Creative)
ABIT KT7 (Non-Raid) MB

Any help is much appreciated.

12-20-00, 08:09 AM
I have done the same thing with my Duron 700, pushing it 945mhz, 9 x 105mhz. Key note with my Abit KT7, cannot get Windows to boot to anything higher than 105mhz on the FSB. I also noticed that the 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 multiplier don't work well, I ignores them most of the time and boot to default settings. Pencil in the L1 bridges again, make sure they don't touch other bridges, then set it at 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 multipliers, it will work, and set the voltage to 1.75 to start with. If have a thermal pad on the heatsink, remove it completely with carb cleaner, or brake cleaner on a rag, clean the surface of the CPU with Alcohol on a Q-Tip, and apply some heatsink compound from Radio Shack to the top of the CPU, do not use your fingers, oil from your skin will get in the mix. Apply about 6 small spots on the CPU concentrated on the middle, and put the Heatsink on carefully, it will spread the compound out evenly for you. Happy Overclocking...

12-20-00, 08:48 AM
Tnx alot, I got it working now and I can change the multiplier.
I think I'm gonna need a new fan though, since I got a retail fan. Which fan would you recommend?
Also, I live in Belgium (Europe), so I can't order anything from Radio Shack. Do you know an online shop that ships to Europe?



12-20-00, 08:56 AM
I would think that any electronics part or repair shop locally would have in stock or could get you heatsink compound. This is used in many applications, not just CPU and Heatsink applications.

12-20-00, 09:06 AM
Is there a specific heatsink you would recommend for that processor?

12-20-00, 02:19 PM
There are a lot of great HSF's out there. Right now the best place to go maybe http://ocz.safeshopper.com/index.htm?422. They sell there house brand heatsink with many fan combo's. There is a review for two of them at athlonoc.com. If you want to got more mainstream than Alpha Pal 6035 is great. If you want mainstream HSF's then go to www.2cooltek.com. Great website with everything you will need. The FOP 32-1 and FOP 38 are also vaible options. The Alpha PEP 66 however will require a new fan or a modification to work in an Abit Kt7 Raid. Artic Silver Thermal Paste is the way to go.

12-20-00, 02:25 PM
go to www.inflowdirect.com . They have good prices, good selection of brands, and some with different fans on the heatsink. I personally think the Global Win FOP 32 or 38 or the Copper Hedgehog 238 with a good fan will do great. Stay away from some of the orb coolers. Usually the spring retention is weak and they protrude too far outside the area for the CPU, possilbly hitting something else.

12-21-00, 01:25 AM

Thanks alot for the help, I just ordered a FOP 32-1 and some thermal compound.
Should I only apply the compound on the core of the processor or all over it?