View Full Version : 750 T-Bird, and A7V

12-26-00, 02:53 PM
I have the pencil leads done on the chip, now I'm not sure how high to try to overclock this. I have the A7V board. Also, do I have to just change the voltage, and multiplier, or is there something to solder? Thanks

Rob Cork
12-26-00, 05:57 PM
No soldering to be done, unless you want to raise the vcore above 1.85V. I doubt you'll want to do that with just air cooling as the temperature'll increase too much. Besides, the A7V seems to give higher actual Vcore readings than it's set to - for instance mine gives 1.94V when set to 1.85V, apparently due to the VIO being set to 3.54 instead of the usual 3.3V (dunno if this is true but it's as good an explanation as any). For a 750, you should be able to get at least 900 - just start at 8*100, then go for 8.5*100, then 9, and so on until the system becomes unstable. Raise the voltage 0.025V at a time to try to maitain stability, but keep it as low as you can without crashing, and keep an eye on your temps. 60C should be the absolute limit, but try to aim for below 50C (I got 43C max at 1.94V with aircooling, so low 40's are possible). If you haven't already, get a good hsf like the PAL6035, or the FOP38.

Once you can't get any further with the multiplier changes (probably after 9 or 9.5), then raise the fsb a notch at a time to get the max possible stable speed. Any problems with cooling, or anything, just post :-)

Big Mike
12-26-00, 08:52 PM
For Rob: Yep the 3.3 volt source <or raised equivalent> is the voltage that goes into the voltage regulator for the VCORE of the chip, that is why its higher as you say. As long as you have a good HSF my approach is pretty much, crank the voltage and start crankin the multiplier till you cant get no more. Before the Global Win FOP38 i was stable at 850 and not a hair more, now i can run 900 all day <or 892 cuz i wanted a higher FSB :)>. MXR, read your motherboard manual thuroughly about how to adjust multiplier etc is the easiest way to figure out how to change the settings, im sure we can answer any qusetions that come up after that, but it'd take all day to explain what you can read in the book.