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06-08-03, 05:52 PM
i've seen those tutorials showing u how to put acrylic in an oven and mold it w/ so much heat...i was wondering if anyone knew of something i could use to put under the acrylic to have it mold to a certain shape..not like a round tube or anything, but like an intricat design so that you can have a 3d effect from your acrylic window....be neat to have something seem like it's forcing it's way out of your computer..

06-08-03, 05:57 PM
acrylic doesnt melt THAT much.. it just becomes pliable.. its not going to turn into a liquid...

06-08-03, 07:27 PM
i didn't say liquid..but if you place an object under it that's in a molded shape, it will melt a little bit till it rests on that object...take it out of the oven and it'll be in whatever shape of object it was on.... i just need something that i can create a certain shape and can withstand the heat of the oven

06-08-03, 07:57 PM
You might make a shape out of some 12 gage copper wire. You can cut and solder to make almost any flat shape, and you should find 600 degree solder at Lowe's...wouldn't want the mold coming apart now, would we?

I'd seen one guy who made lamp shades and stuff out of acrylic once. He had this platform jig that he'd made, and could place something underneath a large central hole with the acrylic sheet on the platform.
When the acrylic started to sag, he'd slip out the jig from the heater box, and plug the shop vac hose onto the bottom of the jig, and the vacuum would suck the acrylic down over the shape.
Very neat, but I've never tried to reproduce that.

06-08-03, 10:31 PM
Found a link in "General Chat", that features a guy who stuffed a computer into a dead monitor. He needed to be able to get into the thing after everything was inside for maintainence.


Check it out. The actual details on how he molded the plexi is on page 4. I haven't figured out what he made the form from yet, but I'd geuss a hardwood of some sort.


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