View Full Version : How much power?

06-13-03, 02:47 AM
How much power do I need to run this rig:

P4 2800mhz, 800mhz FSB
Abit IS7 mobo
2 sticks of Mushkin PC3200 ddr ram
Gigabyte Radeon 9700 pro
Seagate 120gb 7200rpm, SATA
some kind of cd-rw

06-13-03, 03:20 AM
if you want to overclock past 3+ gigs then get the 530 watt fortron from newegg.com for 70 bucks...

you probably could get by with the 350 watt fortron with the 120mm fan at xpdirect.com for $48 or the $32 dollar 80mm fan 350 watt fortron from newegg...