View Full Version : artifacts on radeon 9500pro

06-22-03, 05:33 PM
Ocasionally when i start up my pc, i get artifacts that are in the pattern of black lines all over the screen. This doesnt happen too often, maybe once every two or three weeks. All I have to do to get rid of it is shut off the system then turn it on again. right now, the card is not overclocked at all, but the BIOS has been flashed to the 9500_33 BIOS. Could that be the reason? Thanks.

06-22-03, 05:41 PM
The bios flash might be the reason, but I have seen that problem before on my 9500pro twice or thrice.....

However I get the blue lines across the screen, but doesn't happen very often, so I guess its just an error or something..

06-22-03, 05:49 PM
hmm. I plan to overclock the card when i get my iceberq4 tomorrow to 350/290 which is where i had it a while ago. Which BIOS is the best for overclocking, I have the 9500_33 for the 3.3ns ram right now. I lost performance when i flashed to it from the original BIOS which I dont think was clock locked at all.