View Full Version : Installing XP on raid0 w/ o/c p4 2.4c

06-25-03, 08:31 PM
Please help ASAP (cause I have my computer sitting there waiting to be installed).

I bought myself another wd 80gb 8m Hdd today as well as a maxtor 120gb hdd, and I want to set up my existing 80gb with the new one in raid0 and have the maxtor as my storage hdd.

This is what ive done so far... Installed each 80gb hdd on there own seperate raid connections, thus on seperate channels (ie one on the pri_raid, and one on the sec_raid) and both as masters. I ran the raid bios that loads up with my mobo and set them as an array.
I tried installing windows xp pro and pressed F6 at the appropraite time in the installation, however when it came down to choose where to install the os, it read that I had 1 120gb (maxtor) and raid hdd with 76Gb... I was under the impression that I should have close to 160Gb in the raid0 setup... Is there something I could do?

A side question... how do I make my Windows Xp pro cd bootable? im sick and tired of loading 6 diskettes to install the os.
I tried setting the dvd drive as the first thing booting up, but I get an error when I try starting up... asking me for a bootable medium. Any help would be great!

06-25-03, 08:53 PM
6 diskettes ???


06-25-03, 09:14 PM
looks like you set up Mirroring (RAID 1) apposed to Stripping (RAID 0) I would go back into your RAID BIOS and recheck your have it set up correctly

also, this should be in the storage section

As for making your XP disk bootable...
If it isnt all ready bootable, dont tell us as you have an illegal copy. MS ONLY ships bootable CD's

06-26-03, 04:38 PM
Okay, got the raid to work... what should I set as the cluster? 64 32? less??? When i try and run benchmarks using pcmark2002, 3dmark2001se, it seems to be running off the c drive which turns out to be my storage drive... when I unplugged it and ran with just my raid the scores were much higher... why is this, and is there any way I can get the programs to run of the raid hdds?