View Full Version : Why can't I turn the Multiplieir down on my unlocked Duron????

02-20-01, 09:16 AM
I know that the multiplier on a Duron CPU can't be upped untill the CPU is unlocked but I thought the multiplier could be dropped lower then the CPU's defualt setting even without unlocking the CPU, but when I try it my system won't boot.

The reason I want to do this is I have a Duron 650 and I just got some 133mhz crucial ram and I want to run the FSB at 133mhz, but if I put the FSB upto 133mhz with a defualt 6.5 multiplier I'll have to run the CPU at 864mhz and this is too high for my CPU with its very average HSF.

I tried leaving the FSB at defualt 100mhz and taking the multiplier down to 6 ( so its not a problem with fualty ram or anything) but my monitor just doesn't come on at all and I have to turn my PC off for a while, then when I turn it back on it boots but with the multiplier reset back to 6.5.

Please help me cos I really don't want to have to unlock the CPU.

EDIT: the subject should have read like this "Why can't I turn the multiplieir down on my LOCKED Duron????

02-20-01, 09:58 AM
What kind of motherboard do you have? Does the BIOS let you select 100MHz FSB and 133MHz for memory?

Rob Cork
02-20-01, 10:11 AM
You can't change the multiplier at all without unlocking the chip I'm afraid. However, I'd have thought you should be able to run at 864MHz without too many problems - considering that so many durons make it to a gig, 864 ought to be a walk in the park. You may have to raise the voltage to about 1.75-1.8V to do this, but as long as your temps stay around 50C you should be alright. What mobo/hsf do you have, and what temps are you getting at the moment? It ought to be possible to improve your cooling by a few degrees without too much money or effort, by lapping the cpu and using good thermal paste - please post again, I'm sure you can run the chip at 133MHz fsb with a little help :-)

02-20-01, 11:50 AM
These are my system specs:

Duron 650@700mhz at defualt 1.6v (108mhzx6.5)
KT7A mobo
256mb crucial PC-133 cas 2 ram
Videologic Vivid! (PowerVR Kyro based graphics card)
Soundblaster 16 PCI
50x CD-Rom
4x2x2 CD-RW
8.4 GB HDD
235w PSU

My heatsink and fan is just a nameless standard heatsink and fan, at the moment I get temps of 44c after playing games for a while (and this is with one side of my case off and a fan blowing onto the heatsink and fan).

I use CPU idle so when not doing much its about 27c, I did just order a Socket A Radial Fin Cooler so hopefully that'll help me overclock.

Thanks for your help

02-21-01, 02:12 PM
Rob is right. You can't adjust the Mult. at all without unlocking the cpu first.