View Full Version : Chaintech 9JCS Zenith vs. soundcard...

07-22-03, 08:23 AM
Anyone know anything about the Chaintech 9JCS Zenith mobo? MaximumPC gave it rave reviews and I was thinking of purchasing one for the new computer, but I haven't heard any reviews other than that.

The biggest thing I'm concerned about is the onboard sound-- 24mbit, 7.1 channel audio, straight out of the box. How significant a difference in sound quality am I going to be getting the mobo's integrated sound over, say, the cheapest, most basic audigy2 soundcard on the market? (kind of on a budget... Neo-FIS2R mobo + $75 Audigy2 would be about the same price as the Chaintech mobo)

I guess I am just unfamiliar with the features and specs concerning all soundcards... if 24bit, 7.1 channel sound is relatively the same output I would get w/ the Audigy, I see no reason to get a lesser mobo just so I can take advantage of any of the Audigy2's basic bells & whistles (because after all, it's just the $75 base model).

Other than that, I guess the only thing I'm worried about is framerate for games. I am getting a Radeon 9(?)00, so I would hate for a bottleneck to be caused by integrated sound from the mobo.

Any input would be appreciated, thanks!