View Full Version : Temp. readings to low on 8IPE1000 pro.

07-27-03, 10:02 PM
I'm using the stock heatsink and fan with my p4 2.8. In bios the idle temperature is 31, but when I use ET4 in windows xp it says cpu idle temp is 25, which is impossible because ambient temp. is 26. After running prime95 for an hour cpu temp was 46 according to ET4. Can I trust the load temp since the idle temp is too low. I don't want to overheat it. By the way, it's not overclocked yet; I want to make sure the temps are okay first.

On a side note, when I run prime95 torture test, it only uses 50% of the cpu (I assume because of hyperthreading). How can I get to seperate prime95 windows at the same time? If I try to open a second one up it just selects the one thats allready running. Any help is appreciated.