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07-28-03, 02:24 PM
If you run a Vantec Tornado with a (Controller/Rheobus/Volt Mod) at 7V is this about what air flow/ noise/fan speed would be?


Fan Speed=5700RPM

Air Flow=84.1CFM


Now if running@ 7V


Fan Speed=3300RPM

Air Flow=49cfm

Noise= 32.6 dB(A)

Does anyone know if this sounds about right?

I just did some math dividing and multiplying to get those figures but I have know idea if it can be applied to this ...
Anyone with a controller using a Tornado should be able to verify if that RPM speed is correct at @7V...If the RPM speed is right then maybe the others are similiar:

If this is correct then I would have hard time finding a 80mm fan that would give the same figures @ 12V as the Tornado @7V :
The Tornado would be a great choice if @7V it was (RPM3300/49CFM/Noise/32.6)

If these numbers are correct hell I would run 4 or 5 Tornados on a Contoller @7V if some one can give me a idea that this sounds right:

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or comments if this is not right would be appreciated:


07-28-03, 02:35 PM
no you can't do that, you just set up some proportions and set them equal? I don't know numbers, but if you do a search, i think you could find it.

07-28-03, 02:45 PM
I was just messy around trying to see how I could run a Tornado at a level I could stand:Still would like someone to tell me what RPMs are when running 7V:I am sure there is a reason this will not apply but I dont know what it is thats why I posted the question in hopes of some electronic opinions:


07-28-03, 02:49 PM
it sounds about right, but the noise the tornado makes at 7v is still a bit too much against other fans like the panaflos, have in mind that the tornado still pushes more air because of its wideness... i myself can stand a little more noise just for that extra CFM, look at my setup :D

07-28-03, 02:54 PM
on the 8rda+ there is an option to show some details like vcore, fan rpm's ...etc at bootup. When my tornado was at 7v it said the rpms were like 2800-2900. When holding up a known 80mm fan that pushes 32cfm and the torando at the same time....the tornado definitly pushed more air. It didnt feel like a ton of air but definitly more then 32cfm....id guess like 40 cfm.

07-28-03, 02:56 PM
The tornado at 7V was still louder than I preferred.

07-28-03, 04:01 PM
At 7V I think it's louder than 32dB(a)... more than a little.